Tips to Get up Early for an Early Morning Workout

Tips to Get up Early for an Early Morning Workout

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Everybody is not a morning person. And even those who do not take an interest in getting up early and hit the gym. Little do they know that how an early sweat session can benefit their lives. Morning workouts are not only easy to maintain but are also more helpful for the body than the workouts you do at other times of the day. In this post, we will talk about some crazy tips on how to wake up early and Start your Early Morning Workout Session quickly.


Tips on How to Indulge Yourself in An Early Morning Workout:

1. Set Two Alarms

The first alarm helps you in knowing that you have a few minutes more to sleep, while the second one helps you to meditate tension free for some time.

Alarm Clock

2. Keep Your Alarm Clock Away

You tend to keep snoozing down the alarm when it is kept near your bed, don’t you? If you want to wake up early for any cause just bear in mind to keep the alarm clock at a distance from where you sleep. This will make you get up for shutting it off and getting out of the bed.

3. Pack and Get to Bed Early

Decide your morning workout type, pack your stuff accordingly and get to bed early. If you do so, your early morning alarms will not seem brutal, i.e. it makes it easy to wake up early. It helps your body get the right amount of sleep and make you stay fit and healthy for a long time.

Fetal Position

4. Splash Yourself as You Wake Up

You can wake up very early, but if you are still lying on the bed, it is of no use. When you wake up, go straightaway to the bathroom and splash your face with cold water. This will make you feel awake and ready to go for your early morning workout.

5. Drink Water

We start getting dehydrated when we sleep, there is no other time when you go without drinking water, right? Making it a habit of drinking water when you wake up and get ready for your Early Morning Workout makes it easier for the body to gear up and be prepared for the calorie burn session. You instantly feel more energised.

Drinking Water

6. Add Lemon to your Water

Leave a glass of water near your nightstand or bed to chug when you wake up and do not forget to add a few drops of lemon to it. Lemon water makes up a great detox drink. It also makes you instantly energised and ready for a workout session. It also acts as a natural diuretic and balances the pH level of your body since it is alkaline.

Surprisingly Incredible Benefits of Lemon !

7. Eat a Small Meal

Eating a small meal which consists of energy-giving healthy foods is a must if you want to go for an Early Morning Workout. You can include fruits like bananas, apples and cereals. This will make your body gain energy and help you to work out more effectively.

8. Listen to Energising Music

We all know it; music is an instant mood lifter. To put yourself in the mood to hit the workout session, set your alarm ring to your favourite party song that will make you leave your bed and dance.

9. Drink Coffee

Coffee has caffeine, and it is proven to boost up your energy levels instantly. It is a small treat for people who exercise. Drinking coffee can help you kick-start your mornings and make you work out harder.

Coffee Health Benefits

10. Eat Light Meals at Night

Heavy meals make us sleepy and lazy. It is beneficial to consume less food at night if you wish to wake up early easily.

11. Respect your Routine

Give your workout time and same respect as you give to your other jobs. Do not forget that this is related to your health and you are somebody who is going to be benefited by doing so. Scheduling the workouts keeps you going.

Three Top Tips for Exercise Motivation  for an Early Morning Workout

When there’s a will, there’s a way… but what if there’s no will? We all have days when working out seems like pure drudgery. Give lethargy the boot with these tips for Exercise Motivation!

Get an Early Morning Workout Partner for Exercise Motivation

Your Google cal only goes so far in the way of accountability (swipe that pesky reminder off your smartphone screen, and it’s like it was never there!). But you’ll be way less likely to leave a friend hanging. A workout partner (or even a trainer) is accountability and motivation all in one!

The Fun Factor

Lifting weights and running on a treadmill sometimes just feels like… well, lifting weights and running on a treadmill. Let loose your inner self and turn a weekly salsa or swing dancing class into part of your workout regimen! If plain Jane strength workouts make you sigh, give rock climbing or swimming a try.

Treat Yourself 

If nothing else will get you to cross the threshold of the gym, look forward to something special afterwards. Stay on your feet for a Kickboxing class, and that spa pedicure will feel even more decadent. (Watch out for edible treats, though. They’re devious!)

Perfect Morning Workout for You

It is easy to wake up but difficult to make yourself work out. You should not put yourself into something that is hard on your body. Start with simple movements that can yield significant results. Consider this workout mentioned below to kick-start your day.

1. Cat Camel Stretch

This is one form of exercise that is very useful for toning the muscles and preventing bone problems such as arthritis. They can be both dynamic and static. Dynamic exercises such as cat-camel stretch are among those that you can perform with other exercises as well. This one is for spinal flexibility and is a great warm-up exercise. To do this exercise, kneel down on your fours. Start by rounding your back just like a camel so that your head can try to meet your pelvis. This is the camel position. Then lower your head, lift your head so that your lower back forms an arch. This is the position of a cat. Perform this move for 4-5 times slowly and smoothly.

2. Jump

Jumping is good for cardiovascular health. It is also beneficial for toning the muscles. This exercise is easy to perform. Just stand with your feet together, jump and spread your legs and arms along with it. Keep performing this exercise for 1-2 minutes. It will help your body warm-up.

3. Balancing Table Pose

This one comes from yoga. It benefits your spine, memory, balance and concentration. Start with the table pose, using your hands and knees. Breathe in before starting. As you exhale, raise your left leg parallel to the floor as you raise your right arm. Make sure it is parallel to the floor. Breathe in again and perform it again on the left side.

4. Squats

Leg squats are helpful because not only your legs are involved but also your hips. This exercise helps you with knee stability and can benefit your leg muscles. Stand with your feet a bit further at a distance from your hips. Keep your arms in front of you and lower yourself in the position of sitting down at a 90-degree angle. You can go more down if you want to. Return to the same situation. Repeat this step for 15 times if you are a beginner.

5. Bicycle Crunches

There are a lot of crunch exercises that target your abs. Bicycle crunch work more muscles than any other crunches. Aim to do 15-20 repetitions to start off with, and you are good to go.

6. Push-Ups

This is the one exercise almost everybody knows about. To perform this one, you need to lie facing down and push yourself up using your hands and feet at arm’s length. Line your hands with the shoulders to get the maximum out of this exercise. Breathe in as you move down and breathe out as you push it upwards. Beginners can start by bending their legs at the knees so that they don’t have to lift their whole body. It will take a month for you to be able to do 100 push-ups if you are a beginner. This exercise is great for chest, shoulders and arms.

Push Up

7. Lunges

Stand with your feet and shoulders wide apart. Place your one hand on the hips. Take a big step forward with one leg. Ensure that your knee does not go too far. Make your left knee go down, above the floor, and other bent behind. Repeat this exercise for 8-12 reps. This is perfect for strengthening and toning the glutes and hamstrings. It is also helpful for the quadriceps.

Morning exercises are not only useful for the body but are also a great mood lifter. They also help in losing weight easily, so hit the gym and workout to stay healthy and fit. If you love this article about early Morning Workout tips and some exercises related to it, do tell us in the comment section below. Also, share your ways of getting up early.

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