Build Bulky Muscles like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson!

Build Bulky Muscles like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson!

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Be it Fast and Furious, or Hercules; Dwayne Johnson, commonly known as The Rock, never fails to astonish us with his mind-blowing stunts and a perfectly shaped body.Believe it or not, he has a magnificent body that men envy and women love! He is a heart-throb of millions of people around the world!Dwayne Johnson first rose to fame as “The Rock”, a popular wrestling champion. Then he became a box-office star and appeared in many hit films including ‘Hercules’, ‘The Fast and The Furious’ and ‘The Scorpion King.

The Rock

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One look at “The Rock” makes people feel stronger and motivated. He is an inspiration to most individuals who want to get a strong, athletic body and build muscles. He is the epitome of a great bodybuilder.

There are so many people want to have a great, athletic body like him. But, do you know how much he works hard for it? “The Rock” dedicates much of his time and energy in the workout to make sure that he is at his physical peak when he steps onto the movie set.

Some people argue that his muscular physique is due to good genetics, which is not wrong. However, one cannot ignore the fact that it is his dedication towards fitness regime that has helped him maintain his athletic body even at the age of 44.

Working out is fun for Dwayne Johnson. When he revealed his intense diet plan and workout regime to Muscle & Fitness, it became evident that “The Rock” dedicates most of his time to his craft.

From consuming low-calorie foods to creating his own intense workouts- Dwayne Johnson leave no stone unturned in giving his all for the workout!

And why? Because he loves it! In one of the interviews, Rock said that training is his meditation and he enjoys it. He says that working out anchors his day.

Here are Some Interesting Facts About Workout Routine of The Rock:

He Follows an Intense Workout Plan

The Rock follows an intense workout regime. The Rock stated in an interview with Muscle & Fitness that he begins his day with an intense one hour of cardio exercise. And that’s not the end of it! He then also contributes one and a half hour in weightlifting exercises.

He says to work out the best- One should be humble, hungry and always be the hardest worker in the room!

The rock workout

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He Eats a Healthy Diet

It may seem impossible, but the ultimate truth is that the famous Rock intake 8000 calories per day. According to him, it is not a big deal. He has carbs with every meal and always has a balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in his diet.

Then, consuming some multivitamins and glucosamine is a part of his daily regime. Apart from this, he consumes glutamine, branched-chain amino acids, chondroitin on a daily basis. He also drinks a glass of protein shake every day after training.

The fact is that he consumes a lot of starchy vegetables, protein and fibrous carbs. For him, nutritious diet is the key to a healthy body weight. The aim of his diet plan is to keep fat gain to a minimum while gaining pounds of muscle.

Diet Plan of Rock

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He Eats Seven Meals Every Day

The Rock says that he eats 6-7 meals a day, out of which four contain eight ounces of cod. He explains that these many meals may seem a lot, but these are the specific portions of meal that a bodybuilder needs to boost him every day.

In an interview, he explained that our body needs enough protein to aid lean muscle growth and that is why it is crucial to include lots of healthy proteins, carbs and veggies to the diet.

A Sample of his Daily Diet:

  1. Meal 1- 10 egg whites, 2 cups oatmeal, three rice cakes, 24oz water.

  2. Meal 2- 8 oz cod, 12 oz sweet potato, 1 cup veggies.

  3. Meal 3- 8 oz chicken, 1 cup vegetables, 2 cups white rice.

  4. Meal 4- 8 oz cod, 2 cups rice, 1 cup veggies and one tablespoon fish oil.

  5. Meal 5- 8 oz steak, 12 oz baked potato and a spinach salad.

  6. Meal 6- 10 oz cod, 2 cups rice and a salad.

  7. Meal 7- 30 grammes casein protein, ten egg-white omelettes, 1 cup veggies (onions, peppers, mushrooms) and one tablespoon omega-3 fish oil.

He Trains Intensely for 6 Days Per Week

Apart from eating a healthy, protein-rich diet, Rock also focuses on doing an intense workout. He states that he trains intensely six days per week and then takes rest on the seventh day.

Also, in one of his interviews he stated that while he works out for six days every week, he make sure that he focuses on a single body part each day. He also once said that he prefer doing big muscles groups once a week, and trains smaller muscles twice a week.

The Rock Workout

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He is Focused

The wrestling legend stated in many interviews that he is highly motivated and dedicated when it comes to his workout. The famous Hollywood actor explained in an interview that when he enters the gym, he is ready to workout.

He listens to his favourite music and is 100% focused. There is nothing that can divert his mind when he is working out.  He says, “There is no wasted time and no wasted effort when it comes to me and the weight.

He Experiments

What Rock does to motivate himself is that he constantly try new things and challenge himself to keep the workout regime fun and push himself harder.

Rock and Workout

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In one of his interviews, he admitted that he changes his workout regime more often than his diet. He alters his lifting tempo, rest periods, sets and repetitive on a frequent basis to keep things challenging and interesting.

He says that creativity in the workout motivates him to challenge himself and do even better. He also states that mundane activities bore everyone. It is always best to keep changing things to keep them fun and exciting.

He Loves Doing what he Does

It is true that the more you oppose and dread the diet and the fitness plan, the more chances are that you will not stick to it.

Rock says that he does not dread his workout regime, and his training schedules are something that he eagerly waits for every day.

He says, “Remember we can have everything we want in life. We just gotta be willing to put in the work and be open to how to get it.”

The Rock Smiling

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Following the tips that are given by the wrestling legend Rock is easier said than done. However, there is nothing that cannot be achieved in this world! One must always try their best and keep themselves motivated when it comes to the workout plan. Use the tips given by the great Rock and see your body transformed!

“Wake Up Determined, Go to bed Satisfied”- Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

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