Try out Some Water Workouts This Summer!

Try out Some Water Workouts This Summer!

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Water workouts are the only workout where we exercise without losing sweat. Summer is here, and if you are afraid to go to the gym this hot season, you can try out some of the intense workouts in the water. In a nutshell, make your body fit and clean; since water evokes purity, clarity and calmness.

Enjoy Water Workouts on a regular basis This Summer:

A water workout is good for our health since they help our bones in staying fit. Exercise in water removes the pressure off joints, bones and muscles. Most importantly we can do water exercise without knowing how to swim.

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Water Workouts: A few Simple Exercises to get you started:

Aquatic excises help in burning the fats faster in our body. Water is one of our best fitness tools since it improves the strength of our muscles and boosts up the cardio intensity.


Aquatic exercises can also help an individual in losing weight faster than intense physical activities. It also helps in reducing the chances of potential injuries, compared to activities performed elsewhere. Even doctor too, advice aquatic exercises for joint injuries, infection or surgeries:

1. Water walking with hand webs;
2.Deep-water walking with hand webs;
3.Arm exercise using hand webs;
4.Arm exercise using water weights;
5.Resistance exercise using a kickboard;
6.Leg exercise using a noodle, etc.
7.Water Jogging.

Working out in water is safe for us. Like in the gym, one needs to try out weight lifting to make our body fit a while; in the water, we do not need to bear such load. But, it is very crucial to follow a few suggestions while exercising in pools this summer, so as to avoid injuries or hazardous situations especially if you do not know how to swim!

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Here we discuss some tips and benefits of Water Workouts:

It has been discovered that aquatic exercise prevents overheating through continuous cooling of the body. It is more beneficial for old age people who have been suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis and weak joints. It is the safest form of exercise for old age people. However, here are a few suggestions to prevent accidents in pools:

• Do not go deeper into the pool. The water level should be at best- waist level.
• Always remember that the feet should maintain good contact with the pool floor so that the muscles support our weight.
• Wear water shoes and webbed gloves to add resistance and intensity to arm movements.
• Drink lots of water during and after a workout.
• Water jogging is the most effective and easiest pool workout to burn calories.
• Do pool plank to make yourself fit.
• To strengthen – leg & core muscle –Go in for one-legged balance exercise.
• To improve postures do flybacks.
• Make it a point to wear the swimsuit.
• Raise knee in water and can do exercise

Aerobics can be done both on land and in water, but it has been found that aerobics in water is much beneficial than on land. It helps in improving our overall health, without any uncomfortable feeling.

In a nutshell, water is the best way to work out during summer. In pool workout, one can also engage in swimming, which serves multiple purposes since it involves movements of the entire body. Besides, the above-mentioned exercises, one may also try out bicycle crunches in the water so as to strengthen the muscles easily.

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