Exercising – Get up and Get going!

Exercising – Get up and Get going!

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People who believe in procrastination have a real struggle to find the right time for exercising. Although it is a self-made issue, it is something that will bog you down. It grows on to you like a creeper would and then eats you up from within. Honestly, it’s not that bad a thing, if you know the right time to get up and do things for yourself, which you would do eventually.

Exercising is one such thing which gets to the backseat of our life and stays there for long until we are tired and brought down by probably some health issue. Well, it’s time to be responsible and the time for you to wake up and let nothing or nobody get you down.


Here are some tips for you to get on with Exercising

• Your one real motivation is you. Look at yourself in the mirror, and you will see a person looking back at you who is not satisfied with its reflection. Now, this does not mean that you do not have a great body or you lack the ‘good looks’ which most of the people talk about these days, but it means that you are simply unhappy. So go out or stay in and work out. The adrenaline rush makes a difference.

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• To continue with the adrenaline rush, when working out or working in, whatever sails your boat, there is a kind of liberation. Yes, there is. You feel lighter and happier, and you feel liberated. This is something that will make you sick throughout the day. So if you feel lazy and quite unlike it, to exercise, turn the lazy day into quite a productive one. Trust us on this and work out and you will probably be working a lot more throughout the day.

• Most of us have the tendency to set off the exercising part for some reason or the other, or maybe we give the excuse of being too busy. But what we forget is that this busy schedule will take a toll on our health, and it is only then that a regular exercise will get us back to our normal health. So pay attention to the most important fact of our life. We all aspire to a certain lifestyle, which is clearly too hard to get, but then again, whatever we have, we need to keep working to maintain it. What if, if you are required to stay back at home because of some undesirable health issue-If that unfortunate reality happens then you will deeply regret all of your excuses for not working out which eventually could have had a significant role in making you stay back at home because of a health issue? How will you earn than how will you lead a healthy life?

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Here are 7 Exercising Tips For The Summer :

Success comes to those who sweat, and summer is the time you can achieve that perfect shape or figure that you strive to get all year round and here we discuss exercising tips for the summer. Since it’s hot, it is easier to step outside, go for a walk or a run, or even hit the gym.

However, some of us get tired or frustrated due to excessive heat or fatigue that comes with the season. However, there are certain ways by which you can achieve your goal and exercise at ease during the hot and humid summer days.

1. The Right Time: Avoid going for a walk or run between 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, as this is the hottest part of the day. Ideally, one must start and finish their exercise regime early in the morning as that is the best time to get the blood flow pumping in the right direction and avail maximum benefits through a rigorous workout. 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM is the recommended time frame.

2. Light Coloured and Loose Clothes: T-shirts that come in hues like baby pink, light blue, purple or yellow are often chosen for exercising in the summer, as the light colours help in reflecting heat. In addition to this, one must always pick cotton clothing as it absorbs sweat quickly and is easier to move around in.


3. Good Sunscreen: If you leave your house for a jog at 7:00 AM, it is important to apply a good sunscreen before heading out. An SPF of 45 or 50 is highly advised to those with sensitive skin. Besides protecting the skin from the harmful Ultra Violet rays, sunscreens help in warding off skin inflammations and rashes.

4. Hydration: Before you start your workout, drink a glass of water, and carry a bottle with you while you’re on the go as well! You can never be too sure of emergencies such as heat exhaustion or heat strokes, and therefore carrying a water flask or bottle is essential. Moreover, ensure that you drink 2 to 3 glasses of water post workout.

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5. Shaded Pathways: When you go for a jog, choose trails that are covered with trees or are slightly shaded as that helps you avoid the sun, and keeps your energy level strong for a longer period.

6. Pay attention to your body: Your health is critical, and to exercise effectively while taking care of yourself, it is important to listen to your body. If at any time during the workout, you feel nauseated or dizzy, you must stop. Do not resume your workout until you feel stable or stop it altogether and give your body a break.

7. Avoid Coffee Or Tea Before Your Workout: A lot of people are used to their early morning cup of coffee or tea, but while it may seem like a harmless thing to do, coffee or tea before a workout are extremely detrimental. It is because they absorb more fluid in your body and contribute to high levels of dehydration. Curb those coffee cravings and indulge in a cup of your favourite beverage after the workout.

So kick yourself out of the trap and do not wait for that ‘someday’ to knock you down, instead of stand right up and work your way through these hard times. Once you are accustomed to exercising daily, you will find it as one of the most exciting things to happen in your life which could change the way you look at life. It will act as a booster and provide you with all the energy that you will need throughout the day. If not for toning down, you must work out for being happy, for being healthy and for looking right up at the face of challenge and be able to give the physical hundred per cent that any task would require.

Hope these Exercising Tips For The Summer help you in achieving your Fitness Goals.

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