10 Easy Tricks to Stick to your Weight Loss Goal

10 Easy Tricks to Stick to your Weight Loss Goal

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“Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together, and you have got a kingdom.” –Jack LaLanne.

When you are on the mission to lose weight in a few months, and then you see people around you eating your favourite foods; your heartaches because you are on a strict diet and cannot have the pleasure of eating that mouth-watering food! Indeed, it is hard to stick to your weight loss goal when all you see around is delicious fries, steaming hot momos and brewing coffee.

But, there is something you can do to stay motivated to lose weight! Yes, it is hard to give up on foods that you cherish and even harder to get up early and then hit the gym to shed those extra few pounds. But, with the right attitude, you can achieve your weight loss goal easily.

Here are some Easy Tricks to Stick To Your Weight Loss Goal:

1. Use your Imagination

A strong visualisation can help you stick to your weight loss plan. For instance, you are working on a big presentation and feel overwhelmed about it. It may be hard for you sometimes to work day and night on that presentation; but when you close your eyes and visualise yourself finishing the presentation successfully and getting applauds, then it actually helps you to boost your motivation and get going to achieve that goal.

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The same goes with weight-loss goals, there may be times when you feel frustrated due to strict dieting and regular exercise and would just want to give up. But, don’t! Just close your eyes and imagine how great it would be when you see yourself in the mirror with a flat tummy. Thus, visualise how accomplished and happy you will feel when you reach the finish line to stay motivated for your goal!

2.Set Realistic Goals

Any goal which is not evaluated well and is unrealistic can make a person feel frustrated. Always know your limitations and then set goals for yourself. Start with a small goal and then move on to bigger ones. Be specific and clear about your goals so that you do not get confused. For instance, if you want to lose weight, then you can make a small goal of going for a jog for 20 minutes every day. Also, write down WHY you want to achieve that goal so that you can review your goals and remind yourself of them daily.

3.Calculate your Daily Calorie Intake

If you want to stick to your weight loss goal, it is important to calculate the daily amount of calories you intake. Sometimes, we do not get a clear idea of how much calories we are consuming every day, which is why it is best to make a note of daily calorie consumption.

Several factors determine the number of calories that you should take ideally to lose weight. These factors include age, gender, weight, height, level of physical activity, etc. You can consult an expert to learn your ideal caloric intake for weight loss.

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Generally, if you do regular exercise and cut down 500 calories, then you can expect to lose a pound (.45 kg) every week.

4. Be Prepared in Advance

Most people find hard to stick to their new diet because it turns out to be inconvenient at times. There can be times when you are very tired and then unhealthy options like junk food can be tempting. Thus, you should be prepared in advance and plan out your meals so that you don’t end up eating fatty foods when you do not have much time to prepare a healthy meal.


You can stock dried fruits, protein bars, fresh fruit and nuts in your pantry so that whenever you feel hungry and have less time to prepare a dish, you can eat healthy foods and curb your hunger.

5.Surround Yourself with Supportive People

It is important to have a company of supportive people when you are trying to lose weight. If you want to accomplish your weight loss goal, then you should surround yourself with people who are working towards the same purpose. This way, their achievements can work as your motivation and will give you a lot of positivity.

6. Do Things You Enjoy

You don’t have to make your exercise experience a miserable one! You can lose weight by being physically active in the activities that you enjoy. For example, in place of jogging, you can opt for cycling, dancing or rock climbing.

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7. Stay Positive

There might be times when you think that losing weight is just impossible. But this is the time when you actually need to coach yourself and encourage yourself with positive talk. For instance, you can tell yourself, “It is not impossible to lose weight. There are so many people who lose weight, so I can also do it. I am doing great, and if I stick to the plan, I know I will reach my goals.”

8.Break the Monotony

It is important to add some excitement to your fitness plan because eating the same meals and doing the same exercises every day can be boring and make you feel annoyed. Thus, add something new to your goal. For instance, you can add some delicious, healthy meals to your diet. Similarly, you can research some additional exercises on your own so that you can have something new to add.

By adding new exercises and meals to your weight loss plan, you are less likely to slip back into an unhealthy lifestyle.

9.Have a Cheat Day

Cheat days can be a perfect way to reward yourself and resetting your willpower. Willpower is like a muscle; when you stick to a diet and exercise, it makes that muscle tired. Thus, on your cheat day, enjoy yourself and have a meal of your wish to recharge your willpower. This way, you can easily stick to your weight loss plan. Ideally, you can have one cheat day in a week.

Mushroom Eating Benefits10.Reward Yourself

Acknowledging your progress and rewarding yourself is another way to stay motivated for the goal. You can put up a picture of yourself when you were obese at a place which is visible to you, and remind yourself of how much your weight has reduced.

Dedication, hard work and patience are required to achieve the weight loss goal. Try the simple tricks to stick to your weight loss plan so that your efforts do not gain in vain.

‘Suffer the Pain of Discipline or Suffer the Pain of Regret.’

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