Top 6 Healthy Summer Drinks

Top 6 Healthy Summer Drinks

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When we think of summer, the first thing that comes to our minds is the numerous Summer Drinks like ice cold beverages and tantalising thirst quenchers that are a sheer delight for the taste buds. Whether at home, office or a friend’s party, we often look out for what’s to drink rather than what is there to eat, but often we get stuck with the sugary sodas and calorie-laden drinks that add to our waistline and don’t help in keeping us refreshed for long periods of time.

If you are stuck with the usual fizzy drinks that leave you feeling bloated, then here are six ways in which you can fix that with these light, flavoursome and healthy summer drinks, all of which can be made with simple ingredients at home! Here are the Top 6 Healthy Summer Drinks.

Mint Sherbat:

Mint is the perfect way to cool off in the summer. Besides lending a fresh taste, mint comes loaded with various digestive benefits and helps in keeping the body cool for several hours. Mint is popularly used as a garnish for various summer beverages, but the best way to enjoy it is by infusing it in a chilled glass of lemonade. You can add some honey and orange juice to take the flavour profile to a whole new level.

Summer Drinks

Summer Drinks: Watermelon Juice

Watermelons take the centre stage position during summertime and are on everyone’s grocery shopping list. Take a whole watermelon and blend it in your mixer grinder. Leave it slightly chunky as you don’t want the juice to be too runny. Take a few tablespoons of lemon juice, add a pinch of black salt and some sugar, and voila! You have the perfect summer mocktail. Watermelon is rich in Vitamin C and is a great base for other juice concoctions as well.

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Chaos or Buttermilk:

Loaded with probiotics and protein, yoghurt is a great and simple way to prepare a filling, nutritious and tasty summer drink. Chaas is a popular North Indian drink that is prepared in most households. Ginger, cumin powder, salt, sugar, curry leaves and herbs add a refreshing and unique taste, and it is ideal for those who prefer salty drinks over sweet ones.

Rose Milk:

Rooh Afza or rose syrup is yet another ingredient that is well liked by most people. Children, as well as adults, are usually fond of adding rose syrup to either plain water or milk as it has great digestive elements, and imparts a flavour, unlike other beverages. One can add floods, ice cream or mint leaves to elevate the flavour.

Coconut water and Mango Juice:

This is perhaps the perfect duo when it comes to cool, breezy summer drinks! Mango is extremely sweet, and the subtle purity of coconut water helps turn down the sweetness, while the result is a mild and energising drink that can be indulged in throughout the summer. One can experiment and add cut pieces of pineapple, cherries or musk melon and turn it into a glamorous party drink!


Nimboo Pani (Lemon Water):

When we think of Indian summers and drinks, we can’t miss the quintessential nimboo pani or lemonade, which is perhaps the easiest to make. One can keep it simple with a pinch of sugar or salt or can revamp the original style by adding mint leaves, ginger slices, black salt, and roasted cumin powder. Besides being a great thirst quencher, nimboo pani is an excellent way to cut the fat in one’s body and improve digestion.

So Guys stay protected from the scorching heat this summer. Keep drinking loads of water along with the summer drinks. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy but if you feel unwell do not shy away from visiting a Doctor as early as possible

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