All You Wanted to Know about Asthma

All You Wanted to Know about Asthma

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Asthma is a common lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways. It causes a whistling sound when we breathe. In general, when a cough accumulates in the lungs, it results in a breathing problem, leading to it finally. The chronic inflammation of the airways in the lungs, often results in chest tightness, coughing as well as shortness of breath.

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Types of Asthma:

> It can be hereditary. If any member of the family has the problem, the other members of the family are prone to it. This form of asthma is known as allergic asthma;

> Occupational asthma occurs by inhaling fumes gases, dust, etc.;

> Childhood asthma;

> Brittle asthma.


The Most Common Symptoms:

–> Most common symptom is wheezing;
–> Shortness of breath;
–> Chest tightness or pain;
–> Chronic coughing;
–> Trouble sleeping due to coughing or wheezing;
–> Coughing problem in sleeping;
–> Difficulty in breathing;
–> Grunting during feeding.

Usually, the Asthma Attacks Occur:

–> At night ;
–> Early morning;
–> During and after the exercise;
–> In a particular season;
–> After laughing;
–> After crying;
–> When exposed to common asthma triggers;
–> During playing;
–> During running;
–> Inhaling dust;
–> Walking on stairs.

Some Extra Precautions to Control Asthma:

–> If you are allergic you should be aware of the environment, food, inhaled allergens, dust, pollution, etc.;
–> It is important to stay indoors as air pollution may cause the problem or else cover your nose and mouth with a soft cotton cloth
–> It can happen by touching certain substance like tree, grass, mould, animal dander, etc.;
–> For some people, exercise is the main cause of asthma. So be careful while doing exercises;
–> Smoking is another cause of asthma, and hence, we should avoid smoking
–> During pregnancy women should not take the risk of smoking as the baby may face lung trouble. And quitting smoking is the most important step to protect our lung;
–> Cold, flu, bronchitis and sinus infection can cause an asthma attack. So try to keep yourself healthy;
–> Cold air, changes in temperature and humidity may cause asthma. So when weather changes, take some precaution to avoid asthma attack;
–> Avoid having ice cream, Kulfi, etc.;
–> Stop drinking cold water, cold drinks, etc. ;
–> Always keep your surrounding neat and clean;
–> Stop inhaling alcohol;
–> Stay away from fireplaces;
–> Try to maintain your emotion;
–> Maintain a proper diet to avoid it;
–> Don’t take a shower under rainwater;
–> Swimming helps to prevent asthma;
–> Never use medicines without proper medical advice.
–> Don’t take too much stress;
–> Stay away from gases, fumes and vapours;
–> Stay away from vehicle exhaust;
–> Diesel also causes asthma attack;
–> Do not stay in water for a longer period;
–> Stay away from cats and dogs because its fur causes asthma;
–> Cockroaches may cause asthma;
–> Perfume may cause it in women and children.

Apparently, Asthma has no cure; the disease can flare up anytime, and give a hard time for the patients. But, by being extra careful, one can easily avoid the unanticipated attacks and stay healthy. So, stay alert, stay safe!

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