Developing Cognitive Skills in your Child

Developing Cognitive Skills in your Child

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Someone has rightly quoted “BABY-A Little Bit of Heaven, Sent Down to Earth”, for when a child is born, he brings heavenly feelings for his/her parents. In today’s competitive world, every parent wants their child to be blessed with good cognitive skills and talent. Yes, it’s true that some kids are born with special abilities, while some are not.In fact, a vast majority of the kids are born with ordinary talent, and they are the ones who need to be taken care of by the parents. A child’s development, mainly in its early age depends on their parent’s activities. As we all know that mother is the first teacher of a child, as she’s the first person whom he sees, listens & smells.

Talking about cognitive skills, these are the skills which are related to memory, judgment, reasoning, knowledge, attention, etc. Mostly these cognitive skills are developed by the brain. The activities the child sees play a significant role in developing these cognitive skills. So, it depends on a lot on the parents, how they behave with their child and with each other in front of the child. To make a child advanced in these cognitive skills, parents should play simple games with their child and let the child enjoy the games:

-The children should never be stopped from doing anything unless it could be harmful to them; because, when he is doing a new thing he will understand the way of doing it on his own. Just for example- If your child is playing with a car & instead of making it run on the ground, he is flying it like a plane. At that point, he must not be stopped, but what should be done is that he must be shown a car running either on the road or TV later on. With time passing by, your child will realise how to deal with a toy car.

-With growing age, the biggest problem your child is going to give you is numerous questions about the things he sees on a daily basis. In growing ages, a child is very curious. It should be ensured by the parents that all the queries of a child should be tackled correctly because this helps him a lot in remembering things. Teach him where to put his stuff, how to wear clothes, which shoe is for which foot, etc. with daily working he will acquire all these habits and start doing things in proper manner.

-Another thing to be kept in mind is that you should never overdo things with your child. He should never be given too many toys together. This will confuse him as to which one to play with. If this continues, your child could well go on to become a nervous and confused child. Instead, give him one or two toys to play and let him enjoy it. Watch your baby with patience; you’ll know what he may like and what he may not. If you want to be an expert on your child, watch him carefully. No other person will be able to tell you more about your child’s development rather than you.

Teach your child things; you want to learn at an early age because the things learned at a very young age will remain embedded in his/her brain forever. By being extra careful during this phase, you can boost up his cognitive skills and brain development, thereby ensuring a better future for your little one!

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