Top Unusual Causes of Acne you must Know!

Top Unusual Causes of Acne you must Know!

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Having acne on the face is a nightmare for everyone. We all want to have clean, soft, and spotless skin. But, unhealthy diet, stress and poor lifestyle habits contributing to facial acne that makes some people lose their confidence. Many people then start using a variety of expensive cosmetic products but don’t see any results. To fight facial acne effectively, first of all, one needs to know the exact cause of acne. Here we are going to discuss the 12 unusual causes of acne we bet you didn’t know.


Unusual Causes of Acne You Must be Aware of

 1.Dirty Mobile Phones

You will be shocked to know that your phone can catch more bacteria than your toilet. Using mobile phones that are dirty is one of the unusual causes of acne. Many people have the habit to take their mobile phone with them in the washroom. But they don’t realise that by doing so they are transferring bacteria from the toilet to their phone.
Plus, the mobile phone picks up dust, grime, dirt and bacteria from everywhere else. They can catch dirt even from the kitchen counter, tables, and the desk.
You won’t notice, but your skin receives the effects of it. When you put your phone to your face, the bacteria gets transferred to your pores. Then the bacteria grows and multiple leading to multiple acne breakouts on your skin.
What can be done about it?
The best and easiest thing that you can do is to clean your mobile phone properly with a sanitizer. Wipe it down using a clean cloth and sanitizer and get rid of all the dust, dirt, bacteria and grime it is holding. This will help you a lot in staying away from acne.

2. Your headphones too are a culprit

Everyone loves listening to music. These days, it is really hard to find someone who is travelling and not listening to music on their mobile phones. Even I freak out when I forget my headphones at home when I am travelling. But not many people are aware of the fact that headphones are a common place for bacteria to grow. Want to know how? Just think about it! Your headphones go into your ears, where the wax goes, but even the ones that go over the ears will become a growing area for bacteria.
Although headphones are not as bad as your phone, they can cause a problem. The bacteria from the headphones get into your pores, leading into blockages and infections and result in facial acne.
Just like the phone, you should sanitise your headphones every day. Use them after getting rid of the bacteria and then enjoy your favourite songs.

3. Lack of Exposure to the Sun

One of the unusual causes of acne is the lack of vitamin D in the body. Deficiency of vitamin D can cause many health problems like obesity, hair loss, arthritis and skin problems. Your body’s immune system is affected by vitamin D, and when you are vitamin D deficient, the body isn’t able to fight off the bacteria growth in the body. This, in turn, leads the bacteria to grow on your skin and causes acne.
Those who are vitamin D deficient find themselves struggling with cystic acne often. The best thing to solve this problem is to soak some sunshine. Go out in the sun for at least 15 minutes to get vitamin D. You should also include eggs and dairy products to increase vitamin D levels in your body.
Don’t know your vitamin D levels? Get a health checkup done now to get tested for vitamin D as well as diabetes, thyroid, and so on.

4. Shower Water

Many people love taking showers. But shower water is not as good as tap water. Shower water consists of extra metals that oxidise the skin and cause acne breakouts. These metals leave behind a residue that blocks skin pores and allows dirt to get trapped into the skin.
What should you do for this? Well, you can switch to tap water or distilled water if you want to prevent acne breakouts.

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5. Baby Wipes

Another Unusual Causes of Acne is Baby Wipes. Many women use baby wipes to remove their makeup. But what some of them don’t know is that baby wipes don’t remove makeup from the face. It does remove the top layer of makeup, but it is not able to remove the deeper layers that are inside your pores. Baby wipes are gentle on the skin which is why they are used for babies. They are not a substitute for makeup removal. If you simply remove your makeup with baby wipes and then sleep, then you may end up with breakouts. You can easily fix this by not using baby wipes. Instead, you can use makeup wipes as they are good for cleaning and will help you prevent acne.

6. Less Use of Toner

I have no idea why some people think toners don’t be used because they are a waste of time. The truth is that toners help a great deal in rebalancing your hormones and pH levels. They also help to cleanse the skin. Not using toners can make your skin become oily and cause acne.
Start using a toner on your skin to stay away from acne. You do not have to buy a toner because you can always make a toner at home and save some money in your pocket.

Top Unusual Causes of Acne you must Know About (2)

7. You Keep Changing Products

It is good to experiment with beauty products, but you shouldn’t do it too frequently. When you change a brand, your skin takes time to get used to that product. Many times people experience acne when they change a brand. You must give your body a chance to settle down from the change and not switch brands too quickly.
Don’t switch products more than once every three months. It is best to stick with the same old brand that you love for six months.

8. High Level of Sugar Intake

Overeating sugar can wreak havoc on your health as well as your skin. When you eat sugar, insulin gets released to deal with blood sugar levels, and the body’s metabolism has to work much harder to remove it. Sugar intake increases stress hormones and also cause imbalanced pH levels. The sugar yeasts start growing within the colon. This bad bacteria causes inflammation and many problems including skin breakouts.
This can be solved easily by cutting sugar out of your diet. Eliminating sugar from your diet is hard. But you should consume sugar in a limit so that it doesn’t cause you any problem.

9. The hair on Your Face

Some of the hairstyles where your hair comes on your face may look attractive, but that is one of the unusual causes of acne breakouts. When you wear your hair down, the oils on your face gets affected, and you get more oils in your pores than you should. This creates the blocks, and you end up with bacteria growth.
People who have oily hair are more at risk of facial acne. Washing your hair every day won’t help much in preventing acne, and it is not good for your hair too. You should change the way you wear your hair to prevent acne.
The easy way to do it is to tie your hair up. When you wear your hair down, make sure you wash your face properly two times a day with a gentle cleanser. This will help you in getting rid of the oil that has been transferred to your face.

10. Acne Products

Many acne products in the market claim to fight acne effectively. I am sure many of you must have tried these products to get rid of that stubborn acne and acne marks. But after a few weeks, you see your acne getting worse, and you notice that some of them are extremely painful. On top of it, your skin becomes dry, flay, and sore.
Well, let me break the bubble and tell you that not all acne products work effectively on your skin. Many acne products work by drying out your skin. The idea behind these anti-acne products is that they stop the natural oil production of your skin so that the skin pores do not get blocked. But in the long term, it does more harm than good.
You should use an oil-free cleanser to clean your face. Use soft products that can hydrate your skin and keep it moisturised.

11. Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep or oversleeping affects us more than we think. Your quality of sleep has a huge impact on your health. Sleep affects your stress levels, mood, weight loss efforts and skin.
It is not about the amount of sleep you get but the quality of sleep. Your body cannot fight infections if you don’t get plenty of rest. Also, many people sleep with our phones close to our heads. The light of the phone affects the sleep pattern and wake us up at odd times.
You should keep your phone away from you before your sleep and set a bedtime routine. Get a good night sleep to prevent acne breakouts.

12. You Use the Wrong Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must-have beauty product for everyone. It helps us fight the harmful UV rays and keep our skin hydrated and moisturised. Nobody wants to skip using sunscreen which makes it one of the unusual causes of acne. This is because using the wrong sunscreen can cause skin problems. You shouldn’t ditch the sunscreen completely because it is essential for your skin. Instead, you should use a soft, oil-free sunscreen to keep your skin away from facial acne.

These were some of the unusual causes of acne. Eat a healthy diet, sleep well, stay away from stress and get yourself tested regularly to stay away from health problems. Stay healthy, stay beautiful!

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