Tips to Get back in Shape After Pregnancy

Tips to Get back in Shape After Pregnancy

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The envious, svelte and highly airbrushed figures of new celeb moms are enough to make all the mothers in the world depressed and anxious. If you don’t have access to celeb fitness trainers, batteries of nannies or expensive, organic foods- don’t fret. The following 5 tips are reasonable and pocket-friendly enough for every new mommy to follow; if she has vowed to drop extra pounds within a considerable period of time. Here are the Tips to Get back in Shape After Pregnancy.

Get Up and Get Moving to Get Back in Shape After Pregnancy:

We know that being a new mother is such an overwhelming experience that you won’t be thinking about anything else except your child for the first few weeks. But after that, you need to move around a bit. Start by taking a detour to your house, and then stretch it to the apartment complex and then a light morning walk regimen. Do you know that pushing the stroller in itself is a great workout? Once you feel energetic enough, have 30-35 minutes of cardio for 3-5 times a week. Taking the help of a fitness expert is also a great idea.

Don’t Fall for Fad diets :

Do keep it in mind that, once you have delivered your baby, don’t even think of taking the dieting route for the first 6-7 weeks. Your body needs time to heal, especially if you had a C-Sec. Once the time period is over, include nutrient foods in your diet. Skimmed dairy products, fresh fruits, whole grains and lean protein are some of them. Eat-in every 2 hours and if that means that you have to divide your mealtime into 6; then it’s fine. Small meals will prevent you from going for binge-eating. It’s also instrumental in keeping your blood sugar level under control.

Yoga during Pregnancy to stay Active and Fit

Bust the Breastfeeding Myth.

Breastfeeding- this one word is quite the deal breaker for many when it comes to post-partum weight. You must have read somewhere or from someone that via breastfeeding, you may lose the shape of your breasts totally! But don’t fall prey to this gibberish and embrace breastfeeding wholeheartedly. It’s not only a must for your baby but also you can lose up to 600-800 calorie per day. Isn’t it a sweet piece of information? But don’t forget to replenish the energy by eating healthy and plenty.

Create a Healthy Sleep Pattern:

With the birth of babies, sleep pattern goes for a toss. But that shouldn’t be the case if you are hell-bent on shedding that extra flab. Creating a healthy sleeping pattern for yourself is the toughest task because of the erratic sleeping cycle of your bundle of joy. On top of that, the work-from-home commitments and household chores are other headaches. But to get back in shape, it’s doubly more important to take naps as many as you can in the initial months. Request your husband or partner to pitch in to share the household chores. Outsourcing help is also a good idea.

Form a Support Group :

Forming a support group with other new-and-old mothers in your neighbourhood would be a boon itself. You can anytime start a WhatsApp group where all of you can exchange healthy tips to shed off post-pregnancy weight. How about building a morning walk team from your WhatsApp buddies? In this way, even if you feel sluggish or down one day, the fellow mums will cheer you up in no time at all. Virtual support groups can be as powerful as physical ones here.

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