6 Handy tips to Turn your Dark Elbow and Knees Spotless with Lemon

6 Handy tips to Turn your Dark Elbow and Knees Spotless with Lemon

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It has usually been found that we give more attention to our face, hands, feet or legs and tend to keep them glowing throughout the time. But in this over caring, we forget to give an ardent care to our elbows and knees. Due to slight negligence, our knees and elbows start to be tanned. Many women take good care of their elbows and knees but their elbows and knees don’t spark as their face or hands, and that stops them wearing sleeveless outfits despite the fact that they are too desperate to wear them.

Here are some home remedies that can spark your elbows and knees as your face:-

Lemon squash Massage

Before going to take a bath, you can massage your elbows and knees with squashed lemon and take a bath after 20 minutes. Make it a habit of following the same method for few weeks, and you will note the change within a week.

Lemon and white part of Egg

Make a mixture of egg’s white part and lemon juice and massage your elbows and knees with the mixture for five to ten minutes, it will not only bring back the glow of elbows and knees but will make it smoother and glossier.

Lemon, curd and Gram Flour

Make a paste of lemon juice, curd and gram flour and massage your elbow with the paste. Wait for ten to twenty minutes till it turns dry and then wash it with cold water.

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Lemon, honey and Oatmeal

Mix lemon juice, honey and oatmeal altogether till it becomes a fine paste and then massage your elbows and knees with the paste for five minutes and then leave it till it dries. Wash it with cold water after it dries.

Lemon and Coconut Oil

Take same proportion of lemon juice and coconut oil and make a solution of that. Massage your elbows and knees with the solution for five to ten minutes and then leave it for 20 minutes. It will not only clean the dirt but also make your elbows and knees fair and shiny.

Lemon, Glycerin and Milk

Make a fine mixture of lemon juice, glycerin and milk and massage with the mixture on your elbows and knees. Wash your elbows and knees with cold water after ten to fifteen minutes. It will bring back the lost glow

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