Are you suffering from Baldness Problem ?

Are you suffering from Baldness Problem ?

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What is Baldness?

Baldness, also known as alopecia occurs from hair loss. Hair loss is a dreadful and terrible youthfulness and sexuality of an individual. The complete look remains imperfect and patchy without hair. Baldness or loss of hair is a tactful and delicate issue for a lot of people. Male and female patterns of baldness are affecting millions of people all around the globe. While women experience an overall thinning throughout their hair, men often lose hair in various parts of their scalp. Getting rid of male baldness is something every man losing hair will want to do. The first indications of baldness can affect a person. He may even recoil and withdraw himself into a shell. It may smash one’s moral-confidence. It starts with the thinning of the hairline and may carry on to the loss of 99% hair.


Classification of Baldness:

• Tinea capitis or hair loss caused by a fungal infection.
• Traction alopecia or thinning of hair from the area of tight braids or ponytails.
• Trichotillomania or the practice of pulling out hair by twisting.
• Circular, coin-sized bald patches or alopecia areata.


Causes of Premature Baldness:

An individual is affected by either temporary or permanent loss of hair. Permanent hair loss is a cause of a genetic problem, and though it generally cannot be prevented, there are various ways to revitalise hair development which can delay the process of balding. For men, the typical reason for hair loss is the male hormones known as “androgens.” Experts say that people can experience patterns of baldness much before they grow older. As with age, the thinning of the hair becomes more noticeable. The causes of baldness are:
• Ageing;
• Nutritional deficiency;
• Prolonged illness;
• Heredity ;
• Improper hair care;
• Intake of junk food;
• Excess intake of vitamins;
• Emotional stress;
• Fungal infection of the scalp;
• Physical stress;
• Hormonal turbulence during pregnancy and menopause in women;
• Traumatic injury or surgery;
• Cancer and chemotherapy;
• Certain diseases thyroid malfunctioning, anaemia;
• Taking of contraceptive pills;
• Nervous habits like scalp rubbing and hair twisting and pulling;
• Certain medications;

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Baldness can often be very embarrassing for a person. People can also suffer from an inferiority complex. They are not optimistic and confident about themselves. All the time, they worry about their baldness problem. There is no salient point in worrying about it because stress is one of the primary causes of baldness. Plus there are abundant home remedies available which can help in sorting the problem of baldness. The primary concern is to pinpoint the reasons for baldness.

Are you suffering from Baldness Problem?

It does not matter what kind of disease an individual might be afflicted with, but definitely, there has to be a solution to the problem. There are home remedies for baldness too. Though research is still being carried out to find the reason for the cause of DHT to react in such a way. The first thing is to scrutinise the right cause and accordingly take action.

Home remedies that come handy for Baldness :

Though there are few great hair treatments like solutions, creams, and transplants which are available, they have some side effects like fatigue, headaches and muscle aches. It is true that home remedies can help to grow the hair again after losing them. Home remedies can help get rid of the hair fall or hair loss problems. Many of these remedies are very cheap and work in ways that you may not have thought of.

• Mustard seeds

One teaspoon of mustard seed must be added to boiling water. Like any other drink, it has to be consumed. This naturally fights against male baldness, and no side effects have been reported about the same.

• Jojoba, Lavender, and Rosemary

Many times a diminishing hairline is because of the deficiency of enough blood circulation. The different zone of the scalp gets plenty of blood flow. To cure baldness just apply a mixture of rosemary, lavender and jojoba oils on the bald areas or hairline. After massaging the scalp, leave for 45 minutes and wash off with a mild shampoo. Even the essential oils are potent and can give rise to a scalp infection.

• Olive Oil and Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto and olive oil work great for baldness. Saw palmetto is used to safeguard cancer and prostate problems. It also stops the DHT, a hair damaging hormone to affect the body. Olive oil prevents hair loss too. We can fight against baldness by using a teaspoon or two of olive oil to the thinning and diminishing areas of the scalp by keeping it overnight.

• Onion and Garlic

Garlic and onion are known for their hair growing capacities because of the mineral sulphur which they have. Sulphur helps in giving the hair proper structure and body. Deficiency of sulphur can cause hair loss and make them easily breakable and fragile. To combat baldness, simply rub the pulps of either garlic or onion on the scalp.

• Cinnamon and Honey

Organic cinnamon and honey act as a cure for baldness. A mixture of two teaspoons organic honey and one teaspoon organic cinnamon powder along with olive oil must be applied to the scalp. Just keep for 20 minutes and then rinse off.

• Coconut or almond oil

Perfect hair care habits can help to prevent baldness. At least oil the hair once a week either with almond oil or coconut oil. Make the oil warm and simply massage on the head. Then leave for two hours and wash off with not very hot water. Hot water can damage the quality of the hair making it rough and dry and also causing excessive hair loss. One has to keep in mind that too much of experimentation is not a right and good idea. Straightening, curling, and other stylish treatments damage the hair growth pattern. It may appear alluring at the beginning, but the end results can be dreadful.

We have to understand that baldness cannot be cured wondrously. A constant effort has to be done to ensure that the hair growth is back to normal. We need to follow a healthy lifestyle and eat the right food to keep the hair lustrous and in good condition.

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