9 Surprising Health Benefits Of Listening To Music

9 Surprising Health Benefits Of Listening To Music

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Do you start your day with your favourite song? If you do it, you’re in good company then! Recent research shows that there are a lot of health benefits of listening to music, it can improve our mental health and can even boost our physical well-being in surprising ways. Not only this but listening to music can also help us cope up with pain.Music is not just music; it is a medicine! Curious to know how? Stay tuned and read on these incredible benefits of listening to music.

How Listening to music can be Good for Your Health?

When it comes to music, people listen to music for different reasons without even realising that it is helping them. Few of you might listen to music to distract yourself from pain or stress situations whereas others may listen to music while studying or even working out. But ever thought of its health benefits? The chances are that you’d probably say a no! Don’t worry; we are here with this interesting article which talks about the several health benefits of music.

1. Music Reduces Pain

Listening to your favourite music can take your pain away! You’ll be surprised to know that patients are even told to listen to songs before or after any surgery.

Research at Drexel University in Philadelphia found that pre-recorded music and music therapy can reduce pain more than any other standard treatment in cancer patients. Another study revealed that music could help decrease pain especially in geriatric care patients and intensive care patients. However, researchers recommend that the selection of music need to be classical pieces, meditative music or it can be the patient’s choice.


2. Music Makes You Happier

Happiness is good for health and music is good for happiness. Can you see the strong connection between music, happiness and health?

Research has shown that when people listen to their favourite music, their brain releases a “feel-good” neurotransmitter, dopamine.

A study involved eight music-lovers, they were injected with a radioactive substance that binds to dopamine receptors just after they listened to the music they loved. You’ll be surprised to know what just happened! A PET scan showed that dopamine was released in relatively large amounts, which biologically resulted in making the participants feel the positive emotions like happiness, joy and excitement.

So, make sure you listen to your favourite music for 15 minutes when you need an emotional boost.

3. Music Reduces Stress

Well, when it comes to music, there’s so much to add to its benefits! Another advantage is its stress-reducing property.

Research reveals that if you listen to music with a slow tempo and low pitch or even without any lyrics or loud instrumentation, you can calm yourself down and you can even take help of music when stressed out during painful events.

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4. Music raises IQ and Academic Functioning

Research reveals that young children involved in taking music lessons often perform better in academics than those who don’t.  A study shows, six years old who took singing and piano lessons had significantly increasing IQ and higher academic performance.

5. Music Improves your Sleep

Well, music can just wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life, says Berthold Auerbach, a famous German poet.

Insomnia has become very common nowadays. A study shows that students who involved themselves in listening to relaxing classical music for 45 minutes before going to sleep were significantly better than those who listened to an audiobook or didn’t do anything different from their regular daily routine. So, are you having trouble sleeping? Try listening to some good relaxing music.

6. Music is good for Alzheimer’s patients

A study suggests that music helps Alzheimer’s patients remember as music touches so many areas of the brain and is beneficial for the patients of Alzheimer’s disease.

7. Music calms Patients Before/After Surgery

Researchers say that listening to relaxing music before surgery can help lower anxiety. A study also shows that listening to music while resting in bed after an open heart surgery can increase relaxation. Love singing? If you enjoy singing, keep doing it as when you sing you don’t only sing, you scare away the woes!

8. Music improves Running Motivation and Performance

Well, if you want to beat your best running time, adopt this easiest way to do so! Start listening to your favourite “pump-up” music. It can help you run faster, can boost your workout motivation and can even enhance the endurance.

9. Soothes Premature Babies.

Live music and lullabies may impact vital signs, improve feeding behaviours and sucking patterns in premature infants, and may increase prolonged periods of quiet–alert states.

Most of us love music, but in case you don’t, you also have a reason to like music now! Why won’t anyone love listening to music if it can also be good for your health?

You do not have to give particular time to your music listening session, just have a good playlist and listen to them when you go for a shower when you are cooking, are getting ready or probably travelling? But make sure you do not forget to put your earphones down when on the road, you can listen to music in your spare time also. So, we hope you listen to your favourite music every day!

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