Unveiling the Secrets of Waking up Early.

Unveiling the Secrets of Waking up Early.

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It’s 6 o’clock in the morning, and your phone decides to wake the whole world with the loud alarm tone that you set last night, hoping this would wake you up in time for the morning run that you never find time for. But, then there is some difference between waking the whole world and attempting to break your slumber, isn’t there?Characteristically, you hit the snooze button and instead of getting up to run and sweat, you opt to wander in the fields of your dreams. By the time you wake up, it is already late, and you have to rush to get to the same place where you need to be every day on time. Read on to Discover the Secrets of Waking up Early!


Does this story sound similar to you? You might not want to go for a run but waking up early in the morning is no easy task still. We all know the million good reasons to wake up early and yet we usually find ourselves stealing those few extra hours of sleep every morning.Routines much like old

Wake up Early

habits are tough to break.It must be great to wake up early though. You could get few extra hours to finish some work and maybe achieve that goal you set for yourself. Maybe spare some time for meditation and start the day on a brighter note. You can, as I fail to do so many times, go for a morning walk. And if you can manage to wake up early before 5:30 am you can even watch the beautiful sunrise.


But then these are all dreams, which pass us by when we are usually snoozing.Like most things, there is something you can do to change this. Old tricks like keeping your phone across the room so that you have to walk all the way over there to stop it seldom works. You can just as easily walk back to your bed and return to your dreams.
So, Here are a few simple things that you could do to make sure the next time your alarm rings, you can hit your goal instead of that snooze button.

Unveiling the Secrets of Waking up Early.

1. Sleep Early.

Well, this is stupid, isn’t it? Who didn’t know that?It’s not so obvious though.These are the things that most people do before they retire for the day – Watch TV, spend time browsing through timelines on social networks, complete some pending work or read a book.


Avoid Doing Them.

Be it spending time on your phone or doing some important work, just don’t do it. Go to bed an hour early and wake up earlier than you usually do and complete the work then. It is no secret that our brains work better in the morning when it is fresh than it does during the hours of darkness. Use this enhanced ability of your brain and try to do work early in the morning than late in the night.

Do you remember the saying we were taught in school?‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy and wise.’And yes in today’s scenario-Remaining Healthy would mean less or no visit to the Doctor thereby saving you lots of money.

2. Don’t Expect Too Much out of your Self.

We talked about it at the start of the article- “Routines much like old habits are hard to break.” You need to give yourself some time to adjust to the changes in your schedule. If you wake up at 8 every day, it is almost a crime to expect that you will be able to wake up early at 6 the next day and won’t feel like going back to bed again.
Instead set realistic goals. Set the alarm for 7:30 for a few days, then try waking up at 7 o’clock for the next week. Gradually move towards your goal. You’ll get there. Eventually, we promise you. Never forget, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Early morng work out

3. Create some Excitement about Waking up Early.

If I tell you tomorrow morning at 6 o’clock, we are leaving for a road trip to the Himalayas (I know, I need to work on my examples). You will probably wake up at 5 and be ready long before I knock on your door to tell you it was only a trick to wake you up early (Don’t hate me for that).Add a task or activity that excites you, in your morning routine, which will help you get the necessary motivation to get out of that soft cosy bed in the morning.

The task could be as simple as learning to cook or a particular exercise which will help you to lose weight. It can also be something as amazing as watching the sun rise every day. It can be anything, as long as it motivates you to get out of your bed, it doesn’t really matter.

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4. Build Momentum

If bad habits are hard to break then so are good habits. Once you start to wake up early, make sure you make it a routine. Momentum helps in achieving your goals, and before long, you will start to wonder why waking up early was so hard.

You can thank us later, right now go and implement these changes and start your day a little brighter each day.
Get into the habit of Waking up Early every day and Have a Great Day.

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