Boosting Your Immune System: How Your Relationship Plays a Role

Boosting Your Immune System: How Your Relationship Plays a Role

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Are you in a healthy relationship? You may be surprised to learn that the state of your relationship plays a significant role in your physical and mental health. Our immune system is consistently in a battle against environmental toxins and its affected by factors such as stress and anxiety levels.
Living with a toxic person wears down your mental state, increasing levels of stress and the overproduction of the hormone, cortisol. This hormonal imbalance plays havoc with your immune system, reducing its efficiency.
However, if you’re involved in a loving, caring relationship, you can expect to experience normal or enhanced immune function.

Understanding the Immune system and its Role in Human Health

70% of our immune system resides in our gastrointestinal tract. When the body experiences an infection, the immune system increases the production of white blood cells (T cells and B cells) to isolate and exterminate any disease, restoring the body back to physical health.
The health of your immune system depends on your physical and psychological state. If you’re feeling overly stressed or anxious, the immune system becomes dysfunctional and unable to fight off disease.

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The Health Risks Associated with a Weak Immune System

Those people with weak immune systems can expect to experience higher infection rates. Is your partner always sick? The chances are that their immune system is dysfunctional. If left undiagnosed and untreated, a dysfunctional immune system can reduce their lifespan and ruin their health.
If the immune system gets weakened or damaged later in life, it’s called secondary immunodeficiency disorder. Developing this disorder results in higher exposure to contracting viruses, bacteria, parasites, and cancer cells.
Areas of the body that suffer as a result of weakened immune function include;
• Bone marrow.
• Your endocrine system (responsible for hormone production.)
• Skin and nails.
• White blood cell count.
• Lymph nodes.
• Tonsils.
• The spleen.
If you think you or your partner are suffering from a weak immune function, here are a few health and relationship tips that will have you feeling better in no time at all.

Be Aware of Your Partners Emotional State at All Times

It’s vital that you stay connected to your partner’s psychological state. Sometimes individuals in relationships decide not to communicate their issues with their partner. This withdrawal from communication leads to a dysfunctional mental state that produces resentment between one or both of the people involved in the relationship.
If you sense your partner is feeling blue, talk to them and ask them how they feel. The simple act of talking it out reduces stress and enhances immune function.

Practice a Daily Gratuity Routine

Develop a daily attitude of gratitude for your partner. As you lie in bed, take 2 minutes when you first wake up in the morning to tell each other what you’re grateful for in life. Regular practice of this technique strengthens your relationship and your immune system.
Being grateful settles your mind and helps your subconscious understand that you’re happy with your life. The immune system functions optimally when the mind is clear and focused.

Take a Yoga Class Together

Yoga is moving meditation and a way to physically connect with your partner. The stretching and breathing techniques involved with yoga balance the mind, body, and spirit. After a Bikram yoga session together you’ll both feel invigorated and full of life.
Hot yoga sessions also strengthen the immune system and the added breathing and stretching helps remove toxins and free radicals from your blood.

Live Life Together

Be there for each other through all of life’s challenges. We all need a balance of support and challenge to excel in life, so choosing the right partner plays a tremendous role in not only our current state of health but our health into the future as well. Remain grateful for each other and do all you can to strengthen your relationship by regularly communicating with each other.

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