Skin Rashes : Causes & Treatment

Skin Rashes : Causes & Treatment

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Skin Rashes is the change of the texture, appearance, and colour of the skin. It may occur in a specific area or all over the body. Rashes change the colour of the skin causes irritation, makes the skin warm, dry, swell and is very painful. If you have rashes on your skin, you feel like itching all the time, which at times becomes quiet embarrassing. Imagine a scenario when you are at the office and you start itching in front of your colleagues then it can be a matter of embarrassment so if you find Skin Rashes on your body get it treated at the earliest.

Most Common Rashes:

Rashes can be of many types, but the most common rashes are seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, diaper rash and psoriasis.
• Seborrheic dermatitis mostly affects adults. It affects scalp, eyebrows, forehead, the outer side of the ears and the cheeks. It is a red scaling itchy eruption.
• Atopic dermatitis, known as eczema, a common type of rash during childhood. Red itchy and weeping rashes are found at the back of the knees, on cheeks, wrists, neck and ankles.
• Contact dermatitis is a type of rash that occurs mostly in contact with a chemical to which an individual is highly allergic.
Diaper rash occurs in infants and also to some adults who wear a diaper. This type of rashes occurs when urine or faeces are in contact with the skin for a long time.
• Psoriasis occurs on the scalp, knees and elbows. A silvery flake of skin is produced by psoriasis and it falls off.

Skin Rashes

Skin Rashes -Seek Consultation with the Expert :

It is highly recommended that if you experience any of the above-mentioned rashes, then seek the advice of the dermatologist. Your skin specialist will treat the problem and will suggest a remedy depending on the severity of the rash. Make sure to book an appointment with a renowned dermatologist who knows the perfect medication for your problem.

Causes of these Rashes:

When a rash appears on the skin, it gives a signal that something is wrong in the body. Rashes can appear as a patch or red dots cluster covering the skin. It can be of many shapes and sizes. Rashes cause inflammation of the skin. Bacteria and allergic to certain chemicals and foods can cause rashes. Due to change in season rashes comes out on the body of an individual.

Treatment Method:

Dermatologist suggests different treatment to patients depending on the type of rash. For seborrheic dermatitis, doctors recommend the shampoo and oral pills. When it comes to diaper rash, a certain ointment is there which clear the rashes when applied properly. Mostly ointment is recommended for treating the rashes.

Do not panic when you see rashes on any part of your body as it can be easily treated most of the times, but make sure to treat the rashes at the earliest and make your skin scar-free. So look for the veteran dermatologist near you and visit the clinic to get treated.

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