7 Secrets to Eat Healthy and Live Better

7 Secrets to Eat Healthy and Live Better

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Eating healthy is not only crucial for weight loss but also for holistic living. But you can’t be habituated with it from day one. This is a slow and steady process that requires determination and dedication. If you can’t do it yourself, then seek out aides for assistance and inspiration. Below are seven secrets of eating healthy food. They are easy enough to assimilate with your daily life.

1. Binge on healthy snacks

Snacking up in-between meals is a major reason for weight gain. If you feel pangs of hunger between breakfast and lunch or afternoon tea and dinner- don’t look for oily, fatty, deep-fried options. Go for healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, oat crackers or smoothies.


2. Be careful about Portions

Be careful about your servings while eating. Don’t pile up foods on your plate all at once. Limit the servings to 2 times, if you can’t resist yourself. Eating light and in small amount are two key secrets to living better.

3. Eat slowly and Thoughtfully

Chew your foods well and eat slowly. It’s highly recommended that you feel the texture of each morsel with your fingers. Feel what’s going inside of your body. To do it better, stop watching TV or talking over the phone- while eating.

4. Have an early dinner

Having dinner early activates the digestive process. It’s advisable that you finish eating within 7 pm ever day. If you tend to delay the process; then also keep it in mind that- eating after 8.00 pm may jeopardise your stomach. If you feel hungry before hitting the bed, then you can go for a glass of milk.

Being happy is being Healthy !

5. Don’t skip meals

Skipping meals is not a solution to weight loss. If you skip meals, then your stomach becomes empty, and it will arrange its food from the necessary fat resources of your body. The internet is full of quick and easy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Download them and try to replicate them in your kitchen. There are many recipes that will not take more than 10 minutes to make. So you don’t have to rush off to the office next time with an empty stomach.

6. Eat only when you are hungry

Listen to the tune of your body. Many times, it gives false alarms of hunger. But that’s only superficial. Having a glass of water can quench that. So it’s crucial to differentiate between actual hunger and fake hunger.

7. Stock your fridge with healthy foods

Stocking your fridge with soy milk, yoghurt, fruits and gluten-free edibles will keep your over-eating as well as unhealthy eating on a leash. Go for a healthy food overhaul and do it now.

Apart from the above 7 points, cutting back on junk food, cooking in small pots and low flames are some of the other secrets of healthy living. You can keep a food diary on a daily basis and write down your regular calorie intake to prolong this good habit.

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