How to get Rid of Lower Back Fat ?

How to get Rid of Lower Back Fat ?

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Obesity has now become the most undesirable, but a loyal companion in this hectic lifestyle. It’s frustrating when the so-called muffin top peeps out of our favourite outfit. Muffin top is a colloquial term to describe the fat, which spans the waistband portion of our body. Being slim and fit is not only important for fashion and style, but for a healthy lifestyle too. Reducing body fat is a tough job and when it comes to lower back fat, it makes people crazy.

People try different methods to get rid of lower back fat, but, unfortunately, they end up with disappointments. Fitness instructors suggest some exercises for reducing lower back fat and the result that is obtained is the same body weight. It’s not possible to burn off the fat of a particular area. Traditional exercises and diet can be followed for an effective outcome. So, it’s high time to say goodbye to lower back fat. Most importantly, this task requires dedication. Here are some guidelines on how to get rid of lower back fat.


Make a Healthy Diet Plan :

It’s time to bid adieu to all junk foods, alcohol, beverages, desserts, chocolates. A healthy diet helps in burning off lower back fat. Brown rice, oats, yoghurts, double toned milk, cornflakes, fruits, vegetables, the chicken should be on the top of your diet chart. Cut down your daily calorie intake by following a proper diet chart. The amount of your daily calorie intake should not exceed the calorie you burn. Try to intake saturated fat, whole grain, and lean protein. You can have raw nuts, yoghurts, fresh fruits and low-fat cheese for snacks.

Start your day with a glass of Luke warm lemon water :

Lukewarm lemon water helps in toning up your body. It also detoxifies your body system.

Go for jogging to lower back Fat :

Take out your sports shoes and go for jogging for at least 30 minutes. Jogging reduces extra fat in your body. A lower back portion will be toned up surely.


Drink plenty of water :

Drink at least 3-liter water per day. Water helps in detoxifying your body and it leads to weight loss thus increasing your glamour quotient

Do work out regularly :

A workout is a must for reducing lower back fat. There are several exercises which are really helpful for reducing and toning up your lower back portion. Do pushups for effective results. Stretching, twist cobras, side bends and deadlifts help to melt lower back fat. Squads can also be suggested as a helpful exercising method. You can try weight lifting for toned arms, chest and back. Power yoga is the best solution to this problem. Cardiovascular exercises build muscles and it leads to weight loss.

Zumba dance :

Zumba dancing is an interesting way to reduce your whole body fat. You can join a Zumba dance class for a toned and slim body.

Stress relief Techniques :

Daily stress implicitly encourages weight gaining. 7 to 8 hours sleep is a must to be in shape. You can try some stress-relieving techniques such as meditation and power yoga. The basic human psychology is that when people get tensed they overeat. Try to call your relatives or friends when you are in tension to feel better.

What you need to do is, to focus on reducing overall body fat and it will lead to a perfectly toned body with no extra fat.

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