Help your Child follow a Regular Sleep Routine

Help your Child follow a Regular Sleep Routine

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The common problem faced by parents nowadays is that their child does not follow a proper sleep routine. A lot of kids nowadays go to sleep very late at night and get late for school and sometimes they also face a lot of health problems due to it. There is no clear-cut formula for making your child follow the routine and have proper waking and sleeping patterns. But there are a lot of factors which can surely help you enable your child to follow their sleeping routine. Here are some of the ways that will surely help you make your child follow a Sleep Routine

1. Same rule for all to ensure Sleep Routine

The first thing that you need to take care of is your child’s surrounding which affects your child in many ways. So if you want your kids to go to bed on time, the whole family should follow this rule because then only you can make your child disciplined when you give them a better environment. For instance, if any other member of the family is watching television in the same room and you ask your child to go to sleep-Then the chances are that his/her mind will be on the TV and it would be difficult for them to go to sleep. So, you need to ensure that a proper atmosphere is created before asking your children to go to sleep.


2. Sleeping with some Object

Many children have difficulty sleeping alone. Get them some toy, Soft toy or a soft cushion which can provide a sense of security to them. This can immensely help as your child will feel secure and be able to sleep peacefully.

3. An environment for Sleeping Peacefully

Sometimes we are not able to provide a proper sleeping environment for our children, and as a result, they get disturbed and cannot sleep on time. Some kids cannot sleep in complete darkness as they get scared. The best option, in this case, would be to switch on a coloured night lamp light which would give a colourful tinge to the room, and the room will not remain completely dark. This will help the child. Also, ensure that there is as little disturbance as possible.

4. Comfort is the Key

It happens a lot of times that the parents are not able to figure out the exact reasons for their child not being able to sleep properly. It could even be something to do with their clothes or the room temperature as well. You as a parent need to ensure that the night clothes are comfortable enough for the child and also that the right kind of bed sheet is used as per the room temperature so that the child can go to sleep quickly and be able to follow a proper sleep routine.

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5. Snacks for Bedtime

If your kids can’t sleep without munching at night time- Place a box of snacks to munch near their bed. Don’t forget to ask them to brush their teeth before sleeping otherwise their teeth could decay much faster. Munching will make them relaxed, and it will eventually let them go to sleep after that. Give them healthy snacks so that it doesn’t affect their health.

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6. Reading before Sleeping

Make the child read or read out stories to them just before sleeping. This will induce them to go to sleep and can also inculcate good values in them. The stories can have a magical effect on your children and help them in keeping them motivated so, reading is an excellent idea for making your child sleep on time.

7. Be Patient and willing to Understand

Sometimes your child could be going through some problems which they are not able to express.As a consequence, they fail to sleep on time. You as a parent need to be patient and put in extra efforts to find out the reasons for the same rather than scolding them all the time. This will make them more frightened, and they will not be able to share their feelings at all. So, talk to them and make sure that they tell you everything. Let them have the confidence in you and make them understand that you alone can surely solve any of their problems. So listen to them and tackle the situation with patience.

8. Affection

Your child needs to know that whether they are sleeping with or without you, you are always there for them. They should be assured that help will reach them the moment it is required and that they can count on you as a parent for whatever little or small needs they have. This will reassure them and help them relax and sleep peacefully. Love and care are the only thing your child needs and will go a long way to ensuring a healthy Sleep Routine for your child.

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