Night Terrors- A Sought of Sleep Disturbance

Night Terrors- A Sought of Sleep Disturbance

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Night terrors are sudden sleep disturbance which is becoming common among children. Not only children but also people of every age can face this problem. Night terrors occur during early sleep. It might cause terror to the parents when their child behaves in an improper way while sleeping. They might open their eyes wide and look above or at you, laugh out loud or cry, smile in a weird way, giggle in between sleep or may speak out something weird or unexpected. It is for those parents who start panicking; one should not try to wake the victims of night terrors.

The child who faces night terrors usually does not remember what has happened or what was going on with them. Well, this seems something different from nightmares. Nightmares usually occur lately, and the child remembers what they have seen in their dreams or what was going on. After the child wakes up, on recalling they can confront what they have seen in their dream which could be a nice one or a nightmare. The common thing between night terror and nightmare is that both are fearful. In night terror, it is the parents who get anxious or afraid while during a nightmare the child gets terrified and wakes up in fear all of a sudden.

What to do and what not to do while Night Terrors?

Night terrors are not dangerous; it is common amongst children. One need not fear these terrors. The following are the do’s and the parents should follow when their child is undergoing night terrors on a regular basis:


1: Calm down and try to make sure that your child doesn’t face this night terror for a long duration, say more than 40-45minutes; else it may last for a longer period of their life.

2: Make your child feel comfortable when they wake up and feel weird or try to recall what wrong have they done, if any.

3: Make a proper routine of bedtime for your child

4: Make sure your child has a proper food habit.

5: Make your child feels relaxed when going through a tough time.

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1: Do not let your child panic all the time regarding night terror.

2: Do not wake your child up while they are facing these sleep disturbances. It would be of no use at all because they hardly remember even a single thing regarding their sleep.

3: Do not re-regulate their sleeping habit

4: Do not go on discussing your child’s sleep disturbances at every nook and corner, they might feel inferior to others.

5: Your child might feel irritating while you speak to them about the night terrors which they might have faced during last night, so do not make them feel so.

6: Do not shout at them if they have spoken something wrong last night.

7: Do not tease your child or let others do the same; it might hurt your child and they might not be ready to face the world.

Thus, these are some tips and tricks to handle your child and make them feel free from these terrors. You as a parent and the caretaker need to understand your child and correct their mistakes, they would never learn themselves to move in the right direction. But do not correct your child by insulting them in front of others.

Do follow these steps to let your child live the same life as others and recover from these night terrors. Plan your schedules and identify the mistakes you and your child make regularly and rectify them on the basis of standards which have to be set up by an elder in your home. If it has to be you then take on that responsibility and help the child get rid of their problems.

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