Defend Your Little Ones from Experiencing the Pain of Ear Infections

Defend Your Little Ones from Experiencing the Pain of Ear Infections

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Doctors often hear from worried parents that their kid is experiencing ear infections and spending sleepless nights due to immense pain caused by it. The physicians spend much time with the explanation of the ways of preventing such diseases. So, the moment you can guess that your baby is suffering from the pain of ear infections, immediately take an appointment with the doctor.

Why are Ear Infections such a usual Disease in Babies?

You will truly be astonished to know how various germs and the tiny ears create frequent contacts in the middle ear. There is the eustachian tube, a canal inside our ear which connects the back of the throat with the middle ear and mainly helps in equalising pressures. But not only the throat but also our nose works as a moist breeding floor for bacteria. Since a kid’s Eustachian tube is much shorter, wider and horizontal in shape, throat as well as nose secretions and all other germs, they may easily be harbouring do travel in a simpler way through it. Any fluid caged in a cavity like the middle ear helps germs to breed or grow. Then only the baby gets affected with frequent ear infections.

Are You Thinking How Can You Spot Such Infections?

Your baby expresses everything through signs and be sure he will also use signs to make you understand that he is facing some troubles inside his ears. A mother’s intuition is not always enough in guessing these physical problems in her infants. Tugging, banging or even rubbing on the ears at frequent intervals is an initial sign of your child having infections in the ears. If you ever find your baby crying in pain and can see a runny nose and eye drainage accompanying it, be pretty much sure that he/she is suffering severely from ear infections. Fever can also appear along with all these physical issues. When you watch these symptoms in your babies do not kindly let him turn sicker; rather contact the doctor as quickly as possible.

Methods of Preventing Ear Infections

As a careful parent, you must learn the ways of keeping ear infections at bay so that your little one does not suffer from it. Keep the germs fluid from gathering behind the eardrums of your babies.

Bottle-feed correctly:

Bottle feeding your kid properly means holding the feeding bottle in upright positions maintaining at least 30 degrees angle. Also, keep the baby upright at least for half an hour just after feeding him.


Breastfeeding can prevent many diseases by increasing immunity power in children and ear infection is one of them.


Add seafood, fresh fruits and green and leafy vegetables to your baby’s diet and provide him with the power of fighting all types of infections including the one affecting the ears.

Avoid allergens:

The fur of real animals or soft toys like teddy bears and other animals can easily cause fluids in getting built in the middle ear and the nasal passages of the baby. So, avoid all these allergens and irritants at faraway places from your kids.

No Smoking:

Since you are a parent you are the one who is responsible for your little ones’ safety and good health. Make your house an entirely no-smoking place and bail out your kids from infections.


Studies prove that pacifiers can stop causing ear infections by causing frictions in the ear.

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