How to Celebrate Easter with Your Kids Creatively

How to Celebrate Easter with Your Kids Creatively

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Easter, also known as the Pasch or a Pascha is a joyous Christian festival which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It is a celebration of joy, and most kids eagerly wait for the ‘Easter Sunday’ as they get to celebrate, have a feast and enjoy.

Easter is a great time to join with families and spend a special day together while celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Parents make arrangements from weeks before so that they can celebrate the day in a perfect way. Be it decorating the house or buying new clothes for the kids; parents try to do their best in making the festival enjoyable for their kids.

Easter is a time to create family memories. From making arts and crafts to enjoying a delicious lunch- there are numerous ways to celebrate this holiday together as a family.


Some of the Creative Ways to Celebrate Easter are:

1.Decorate the House

Decorate the house for the holiday with some beautiful and delightful crafts and involve the kids too. Perhaps you can ask the kids to decorate small plastic cups and glasses with duck and bunny faces for festive drinkware. Parents can also organise a small paint party with pots and let the kids use their creativity to paint.

Also, clean the house together with the kids. Parents can assign them small tasks such as cleaning a chair or a table. While cleaning, keep on talking to the kids so that they do not get bored. Tell kids interesting facts about Easter and tell them that there are a lot of surprises coming their way on the day of the festival. Make kids participate in all the activities related to the festival so that they can be excited about it.

2.Color Easter Eggs

This is a fun way to celebrate Easter. Ask your kids to decorate and colour the eggs. Give them different kind of colours and make them decorate the eggs in whichever manner they desire.

Most kids love arts and crafts activities and hence they will enjoy this. Kids can make funny faces on the eggs, a fish or anything.

Parents can also organise a ‘vote’ to see which decorated and coloured eggs they like the best.

Parents can also take part in this creative activity. What they can do is that they can paint the eggs with their child’s favourite colour and draw their favourite things on the eggs.

For instance, if your child’s favourite colour is red and their favourite cartoon character is ‘Jerry’ from Tom and Jerry, then parents can colour the egg with red colour and draw Jerry on it. This will make the kids very happy and keep them excited about the festival.

3.Play Indoor Hunt Games

Another way to make this holiday fun is by playing indoor hunt games. One excellent way to make a regular hunt unique is to make it into a scavenger hunt wherein the clues will be hidden around the house. Parents can get a personalised Easter basket for their kids and place the very first clue inside the basket. Then set the basket outside the children’s bedroom so that they can get a surprise when they wake up. Now, the first clue can lead to another in the living hall, then another in the guest room, and so on. If the child cracks the clue, give your child a little treat. In fact, every clue must feature a fun gift.

This game will help the kids cultivate their problem-solving skills and will also let them have fun. The final surprise can be in the hiding spot of the parent’s choice. This game can surely make your kids enthusiastic and keep them energetic all day long.

4. Share the Story

Kids are curious, and they have so many questions to ask everyone they meet. You will see most kids asking various questions especially during holidays as to ‘Why is the day celebrated?’, ‘What is so special about this day?’, and so on. It is the parent’s duty and responsibility to share knowledge and information with their kids.

Parents can tell the ‘Easter Story’ to the kids. They can either read it out from a book or if the kids love to watch movies, parents can also make them understand the significance of the special holiday by watching movies and videos with them.

Role-plays can also be done to make kids understand about the holiday. The bottom line is that kids must know about the day and reason as to why the particular day is being celebrated.

It is generally seen that kids take an active part in the activities wherein they know what they are doing and why they are doing it. Thus, sharing the story will not only tap their curiosity but also inculcate religious values in the kids.

5. Prepare Delicious Resurrection Buns

If you love to cook, then it’s time to make Easter special for the kids using your cooking abilities. Parents can make mouth-watering resurrection buns that not only taste good but are also fun to make. Parents can also take help of their kids in making these buns and take their advice as to what shape and size should these buns be made. This will make kids more energetic about the festival.

6.Plan an Outing

Festival is a day when a family should enjoy time together. So, plan a day out and try to visit the place where your child can have fun. Parents can go to amusement parks with their kids or watch a movie, or can even have lunch or dinner outside.

What is important is that family should be together, have fun and cherish each and every moment spend together.

7. Click Funny Family Photos

Make some time to take some silly, funny family photos that you will remember and cherish forever. Dress yourselves and the kids in funny costumes, make silly faces, click pictures and create a memorable album.

Ask your kids to select what they want to wear so that they don’t create a nuisance afterwards if they do not like the dress.

Click funny photos and then make a creative, decorative album of all the pictures.

8.Attend Church Services

Easter is a religious festival, and apart from making the day fun for the kids, parents must also focus on making them understand the religious importance of the day.

Thus, parents must attend church services with the kids. And then go out for a little treat after the church visit. Parents can ask the kids as to what all good things they learned in the church, how they felt and if there is anything they would like to know about the holiday.

Easter is a day when kids enjoy and also learn various good religious things. It is best to celebrate holidays with kids with some fun elements. Make Easter special this year for your kids by using some creative tips. Have a Blessed Easter!

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