10 Ways to Save Eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome

10 Ways to Save Eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome

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All body part of our body has its particular importance but some body organs are so significant that we can’t imagine our life without them, and our eyes are one of them. We all are blessed with eyes, but it is of utmost importance to take care of our eyes if we want to keep them healthy.Computer Vision Syndrome is one such issue which we need to be aware of to be able to take care of our most precious organs. Regular exercise, proper portion and moisturising keep your eyes healthy. We should take food which is rich in Vitamin-A and vitamin-K as these Vitamins keep our eyes healthy.

It is our eyes which are getting largest harms due to the excessive use of the computer, smartphones, and iPad so it is important to know the important and easy tips so that our eyes can stay with us until the end of our life.Let’s find out some healthy ways to keep our eyes healthy


Computer Vision Syndrome: Know when your Eyes are Sick

Continuously working on the computer for more than two or three hours daily can cause computer vision syndrome (CVS) in your eyes. You might feel heaviness in your eyes and your head, not being able to see clearly, reddishness in eyes, not being able to detect the colours, watering from eyes, itching in eyes and dryness in eyes are some symptoms of computer vision syndrome. But some precautions can save you from being affected by computer vision syndrome.

Change the way of using Devices/Gadgets

You need to change your lifestyle by changing the way of using a computer, iPad, and smartphones. Keep your eyes at an optimal distance while using such gadgets. Use such devices in the proper light and the room in which you use the computer should have good lighting and it shouldn’t have superfluous lighting too, and light should not focus directly on eyes. These are some ways; you can minimise the level of computer vision syndrome.

Take breaks and give rest to your Eyes

To save your eyes from ‘computer vision syndrome’, you need to take breaks after two or three hours. Blink your eyes while you sit before a computer screen for more than an hour, it will retain proper moisture of your eyes and save them from the eye’s dryness. Focus your eyes somewhere else for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.


Use Anti-Glare Screen

Set the computer’s brightness and contrast at an ideal level and use the anti-glare screen on your computer. Use stereotype lenses and wear anti-glare goggles while using a computer. Set computer screen in such a way so that your eyes are on the top level of your computer. A computer can visually challenge your eyes, but if you adopt ideal ways of using a computer, it will not damage your eyes.

Do some Eye’s Exercises

Exercise is also very necessary for eyes if you want to keep them healthy. Rotate eyeballs for five to six minutes daily in the morning while performing your morning workout. Rub your hands in the morning and balm those warm hands on your eyes and blink your eyes as blinking makes muscles of your eyes strong. By performing these easy exercises, you will be able to retain the moisture of your eyes.


Take Proper Sleep

It is very crucial to take proper sleep to keep yourself and your eyes healthy. If you want to get rid of swelling and black circles beneath your eyes, you should take a sleep of eight hours at least daily. Due to lack of sleep, your eyes will be reddish and will fade away look of your face. Proper sleep keeps your face and eyes fresh. Wash your eyes before going to bed every night.

Moisturise your Eyes

Moisturising your eyes is crucial otherwise, dryness will snatch all the light of your eyes. To moisturise your eyes, you can keep the round cut of cucumber on your eyes. Cucumber is cold in nature, and it helps keep your red and tired eyes relaxed and healthy. If you don’t have cucumber or you feel it awkward to use a cucumber on your eyes, then you can purchase a prescribed eye drop from medical shop to keep your eyes moisturised.

Don’t Rub your Eyes

Many times, we start rubbing our eyes when something falls in it, but it is very hazardous for our healthy eyes. If something falls in your eyes, don’t rub them, wash them with water instead. Rubbing your eyes can cause harm to your eyes.


Wear Goggles before Stepping out of Your Home

When marching out of your home, don’t forget to wear goggles on your eyes. It will not let your eyes have black circles and will save them from dust and chemicals in the polluted atmosphere. This is the easiest and smartest way of protecting your eyes from being affected by dust and pollutants.

Take Doctor’s advice at once when feeling Sickness in your Eyes

The ultimate thing you need to do is to take the doctor’s advice when you feel the sickness in your eyes. Get your eyes tested at least once in a year even if you don’t have any problem in your eyes.

If you adopt these tips and take above-stated prescriptions, you can save yourself from being affected by the computer vision syndrome

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