Tips to Keep the Weight off This Summer

Tips to Keep the Weight off This Summer

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With summer here, we want to look and feel our best because we don’t have the convenient option of hiding behind puffy jackets or loose sweaters that bundle us up and hide the flab during the cold winter months.However, going to the gym on a regular basis and constantly avoiding junk food is not something that can be sustained at all times, especially given the fact that Summer means holidays and long vacations where we tend to indulge in food, drink and lazy days spent on the beach or in a comfortable hillside cottage.There are however a few tips and tricks you can incorporate even while on vacation or at work that can keep the weight off. Read on to find out more!

1. Say No To Alcohol:

One of the quickest ways of reducing weight is by putting a complete stop to alcohol. Alcohol contains the same chemicals present in sugary drinks, and therefore adds to the waistline without you knowing it! But if you must have a drink or two, make sure you mix the drink with equal amounts of water or have a wine spritzer which is easier on the calories.

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2. Choose The Right Carbs:

We understand that bread and man are synonymous, since the advent of civilization, and hence we don’t say that you need to eliminate your favorite staple of bread rolls. However, choosing the right kind of carbs can go a long way in keeping the weight down. Swap your highly refined carbs for an unrefined kind, such as oats, brown rice, and brown bread. Besides fiber, these bread are a delicious way of incorporating carbs in your diet while steering away from calories.

3. Mediterranean cuisine:

Greeks know how to love their food, and how to cook food that loves their waistline in return! Fresh, leafy salads, protein rich sauces like hummus and tahini, and cheese are an excellent way to fill one’s stomach, satisfy the taste buds and stay healthy. Nuts, olive oil, yogurt, fruits and whole grains are highly recommended for those who want to enjoy food, but also want to reduce weight.

4. Soup It Up:

According to research, those who drink soup before a meal tend to eat less during the main course. Therefore, if you go out to a restaurant or have a fancy dinner at home, start off with a bowl of delicious soup made out of chicken or vegetable stock, and make sure you fill it up with chunky pieces of vegetables, tofu or chicken. This will be like a meal in itself and will curb your hunger by 80%.

5. Don’t Juice It:

If you think that fruit juices are going to help you lose weight, think again! Fruit juices and especially the concentrated ones contain high amounts of sugar, and hence it is a better idea to ditch the juice and eat whole fruits by themselves. If you want apple juice, eat the apple with a light sprinkling of sea salt and a pinch of pepper. This will be a delicious option and a calorie friendly one too!

6. Baked Not Fried to Keep the Weight off:

The market is flooded with baked food options like never before, and so you really can’t make the excuse of sticking to the fried options, when you can easily choose the baked ones. If you plan on eating out, choose food items which include the words “grilled” or “baked”, as these dishes contain fewer calories compared to the ones drenched in sauce or oil. Moreover, if you are a junk food lover, pick up baked chips and cookies instead of the ones that are loaded with trans fat.

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