Are you Suffering from Mouth Burns ?

Are you Suffering from Mouth Burns ?

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Most of us belong to the foodie group these days. We hardly come across people who say they do not like to eat. Various forms of cooking and trying out several new restaurants are one of the best time passes for both the young as well the adults. But what happens when the mouth gets burnt due to the hot beverages that have been put in the mouth out of sheer excitement? The tongue starts burning; the cheeks start to get red, and sweat droplets are noticed on the forehead which clearly signifies how much painful the thing is. This is what is commonly know as Mouth Burns!

Reasons behind the Burn:

The main causes behind the burn are usually chilli peppers or certain other ingredients like black pepper, wasabi and ginger which contains molecules of capsaicinoid, which gives a burn like sensation to our mouth. A chemical reaction tends to happen between the pain receptors of the mouth with the capsaicin bonds.

Mouth Burn

Ingredients that give a Cooling effect to the Burn:

Food items like olive oil, white rice, yoghurt, whole milk, sugar, honey, peanut butter, sour cream and alcohol should be consumed immediately after the tongue burns as these causes a cooling effect in the mouth instantly. Whereas items like beer, soda or water should not be consumed at all as this may increase the burn. The reason behind this is that capsaicin gets dissolves in fat, alcohol, and oil but not in water. Water instead spreads the capsaicin molecules inside the mouth which comes in contact with the receptors, thus increasing the burning sensation. Soda and beer too have the same effects on capsaicin.

The veins and the nerves that react well with the capsaicin molecules are almost always ready to act up at hot temperatures. This is one of the reasons why sipping coffee just after having a meal inclusive of sriracha and egg causes an intense burnt feeling in the mouth. But there are several liquids which help the mouth burn to calm down.

Liquids which Help the most in  Mouth Burns:

Milk Products:

The oil and the fat which are present in the dairy products like yoghurt or whole milk or sour cream helps the capsaicin to dissolve which gradually reduces the burn.


Alcohol also dissolves the molecules of capsaicin but only when the food has comparatively high proof. Vodka works well in this case.


Peanut butter or olive oil contains high amounts of oil and fat which act as a cooling agent for the burns.


Bread or rice does not have the same effects on capsaicin as alcohol or fats, but they act as an agent which soaks up all the molecules that cause the burning sensations inside the mouth. Sticky rice is known to be one of the best food items to reduce burning sensations.


Sugar is one of the best medicines for burns, and so is honey. The sugar water dilutes the chilly pepper. Mixing a spoonful of sugar in some water or coating the tongue with some honey is known to reduce the pain of a fiery mouth.

Does flipping of the burn kill the Beneficial Health Effects of Capsaicin?

Those who are not accustomed to spicy and rich foods, if they take a lot of such foods, the capsaicin present in that food tends to increase the metabolic level as well as boosts up the energy. It is said that most of the capsaicin molecules are broken down by the liver enzymes. But this boost certainly does not help in weight loss, but it only tends to increase the energy level.

So in a nutshell, though Mouth Burns may not be a great issue yet it can be a source of great irritation and cause a lot of uneasiness if not taken care of properly.

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