Best Foods to Increase a Low Platelet Count !

Best Foods to Increase a Low Platelet Count !

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The rainy season not only provides refreshment to every human being after dealing with the scorching heat of the sun but also brings along a host of diseases with it. Some of the rainy diseases, such as Dengue, Chikungunya, etc. affect blood platelets. A low platelet count is not good for health, which is why you must incorporate foods which can help increase blood platelets.

Platelets are a vital component of blood which helps the body to form plugs in blood vessels holes to aid in blood clotting. A normal platelet count ranges from 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microlitre of blood. A person has a low platelet count when the count is below 150,000 per microlitre.
Platelets play a significant role in the functioning of the human body, and therefore a low platelet count, medically termed as thrombocytopenia must not be ignored.

The symptoms of thrombocytopenia include bleeding gums and nose, red or purple spots on the skin, slow blood clotting, fatigue, weakness and heavy menstrual cycles for women. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the best way to increase your platelet count and live a healthy life.

Here is a List of Foods to Increase a Low Platelet Count:


Beetroot is loaded with natural antioxidant and hemostatic properties, which makes them a perfect food to increase blood platelets. You can simply drink one tablespoon of fresh beetroot juice three times a day. You can also add a glass of carrot juice to three tablespoons of beetroot juice to make it more delicious and drink this mixture twice a day.

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Pomegranate is the best fruit to increase blood platelets. It is high in iron, and its regular consumption can help you increase blood platelets. Also, it is rich in vitamins which help people stay energetic despite having a low blood platelet level. You can drink 1 glass of fresh pomegranate juice daily for several weeks or can simply eat a fresh pomegranate to increase your blood platelets.

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C.Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil is also highly effective in raising blood platelets naturally. It improves blood circulation, reduces free radical damage and inflammation in the body. You can add sesame oil in a variety of ways to your diet to maintain the level of blood platelets in the body.
Drink one tablespoon of sesame oil twice a day. You can use high-quality sesame oil for cooking also. Another option is to rub sesame oil externally on your lymph node areas a few times a day to increase blood platelets.


Papaya helps in improving blood circulation and increasing blood platelet count. Studies show that papaya leaf juice is effective in increasing the platelet count of people having Dengue fever. You can simply drink papaya juice or eat ripe papaya two to three times a day. Alternatively, you can boil papaya leaves in two cups of water on medium heat for 10 minutes. Boil this solution until the liquid comes down to half its volume. Drink this solution twice a day to increase the blood platelets count.



Spinach is full of essential Vitamins, especially Vitamin K which is very helpful in treating low platelet disorder. It also prevents excessive bleeding and aids in blood clotting. Thus, add this vegetable to your salads, soups, side dishes and green smoothies and say ‘goodbye’ to your health worries!

Alternatively, you can also boil five leaves of fresh spinach in two cups of water for a few minutes. Let it cool and then a ½ glass of tomato juice to it. Drink this solution three times a day.

F.Indian Gooseberries (Amla)

Since ages, people have been using Indian Gooseberries (Amla) for health purposes. This delicious fruit is rich in Vitamin C which is highly beneficial for increasing the production of platelets. It also boosts your immune system and gives strength to the body.Eat two to three gooseberries in the morning on an empty stomach every day. Another best option is to drink two tablespoons of amla juice mixed with honey twice a day.

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G.Vitamin C Rich Foods

You need to increase your consumption of Vitamin C if you want to increase platelet count. Vitamin C is a highly powerful antioxidant which prevents free radical damage and improves blood platelet count.You can eat foods which are loaded with Vitamin C like oranges, lemons, kiwi, berries, bell peppers, spinach and tomatoes to increase blood platelets.

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Few Additional Tips:

 Limit your intake of alcohol
 Avoid eating raw vegetables when the platelet level is low as it may damage your intestinal lining.
 Do not go for canned and processed foods that are not nutritious.
 Get a good night sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours.
 Add whole-grain cereals and whole-wheat products to your diet.
 Go for a regular health checkup to see if your platelet count is in a normal range or not.
 If you want to take any over-the-counter medications, then do consult your Doctor as some medicines can affect your platelet function.

The foods mentioned here are not just good for increasing blood platelets, but they are great for overall health too. Thus, add these foods to your diet to increase blood platelets. ‘Eat healthy, stay healthy!’

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