9 Tips to Prevent Cough and Cold during the Rainy Season

9 Tips to Prevent Cough and Cold during the Rainy Season

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Dealing with a running nose and a sore throat is quite common for people during the rainy season. The onset of monsoon brings along a host of infections and illnesses which are difficult to prevent. The sudden weather change, fluctuation in the body temperature along with humidity make our immune system weak which in turn makes people more vulnerable to a cough and cold. One must know tips to Prevent cough and cold as these are one of the most common rainy diseases.

Tips to Prevent Cough and Cold in the Rainy Season:

1. Drink Plenty of Water

Our elders tell us to drink lots of water when we have a cold or a cough. It is because staying hydrated helps in preventing and treating cold and cough. One of the primary functions of water is to flush out the waste materials and bacteria out of the body in the form of urine. Keeping our body well hydrated makes us naturally healthy and clean from within. Thus, ensure that you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to maintain the fluid level of the body.

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2.Exercise Regularly

One of the common causes of cold and cough is a weak immune system, and one of the best ways to strengthen immunity is to be engaged in physical activities. Doing exercise every day can prevent the body from being infected with a host of diseases, including cough and cold. Thus, devote at least 30 minutes of your time to exercise to prevent falling sick.

Exercising – Get up and Get going!

3.Increase the consumption of Vitamin C rich Foods

If you have a weak immune system, there are high chances that the bacteria will attack your body and make you sick. An effective way to boost the immune system is in taking foods loaded with Vitamin C. There are so many mouth-watering, healthy foods and fruits high in Vitamin C such as Oranges, grapes, berries, guava, amla, chillies, bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, apricots and potatoes. If these foods and fruits are added to your diet will surely keep cold and cough at bay.

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4.Load up on Vegetables

Not just fruits, there are also so many healthy veggies which are highly nutritious and helps to prevent cough and cold along with other diseases. Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, onions, carrots, etc. are great in boosting the immune system of the body. Also, adding green veggies to your daily diet help a lot in fighting off infections and keeping the body healthy.

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5.Adopt proper Hygiene Standards

There are certain hygiene measures you need to follow to keep cough and cold along with other diseases at bay. First of all, you must bathe twice a day during the rainy season. Then, another important thing is to keep your house and nearby areas clean. For that, make sure not to let stagnant water remain in one place. Use a mosquito net at night and use windows to prevent mosquitoes from entering your house.

6. Avoid Eating Unhealthy Food

Yes, when it rains; we all have a craving for delicious fries and burgers, but one must know that fried foods should be strictly avoided during monsoon as the humid weather causes our digestion to slow down which in turn lead to bowel diseases and many more health problems which weaken the body’s immunity. Thus, avoid eating fried and spicy foods during this season. Also, avoid eating street food in the rainy season as there are high chances of getting infected with water-borne diseases due to street food.

It is best to incorporate healthy soups, green veggies and fruits to your diet which are nutritious, full of essential vitamins and minerals; boost the immune system; all of which can help you prevent cold and cough.


7. Get plenty of rest

Not getting adequate sleep will undoubtedly affect your body’s immune system and will decrease the ability of your body to fight against the diseases. Our immune system works to protect us from cold, cough, flu and other ailments and when the immune system gets weakened, diseases attack the body. Thus, make sure to sleep at least for seven hours to keep diseases at bay and do not shy away from Visiting a Good Doctor in case you face any persisting issues.

8. Avoid Getting Wet

Try to remain away from the rain as much as possible and if you cannot avoid doing that then you must wear raincoats and take all precautions not to get wet.

9. Stay Away from Crowded Places

Try your level best to stay away from Crowded Places as these places will surely have few people infected with various kinds of diseases or would be just sneezing and coughing around spreading the virus. So stay away from such places to the max to avoid getting in touch with infected persons.

Monsoon is the time to enjoy the smell of soil, Dance in the rains and have delicious foods while you enjoy the view of rain from your balcony. Eat healthy foods, take proper rest and exercise regularly to keep yourself healthy and fit during monsoon and enjoy the rain to the fullest!

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