How You are losing Money by not knowing the Many Benefits of Exercise

How You are losing Money by not knowing the Many Benefits of Exercise

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There are Many Benefits of Exercise. Exercise is a miracle cure which helps in preventing or recovering from many chronic diseases as well as common diseases like cold, fever, etc. The majority of people neglect their body. There is no shortcut to stay fit and healthy, whatever your age is you need to be active physically to lead a healthier, happier and tension free life. Exercising can help a great deal to keep away from health issues. There is no substitute for exercise.

People who do regular exercise or keep themselves physically active have a lower risk of chronic disease like heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, hypertension and cancer. Regular exercise can help sort out body problems or disorder in the human body. Around 150 minutes or more of moderate physical activity spread over a week is very necessary to be termed as physically active. People don’t have time as they are very busy in their day to day activities but taking out those thirty minutes for exercise is essential and should be part of the daily regime just like eating, bathing, etc.

Benefits of Exercise

The easiest way to get involved in physical activities is to indulge in a brisk walk, running, swimming or simply cycling instead of using any vehicle. But the problem is, people are stuck with using technology that of course has made our life easier. In the old days, people were so much involved in physical activities which were a part of life like washing clothes by hand, but that has been replaced by sophisticated washing machines these days. Earlier people used to play games to entertain themselves which has been replaced by television, computer and mobiles nowadays.

In the present scenario, very few people are involved in manual work. Fewer people even try to make an effort to do anything or work which involves physical activity. These days everything is done automatically with the help of technology. People have knowingly or unknowingly gone into a sedentary lifestyle spending huge sums of money to get rid of lifestyle-related diseases not knowing that they could get rid of these health issues by remaining physically active and save money in the process by not spending on unnecessary healthcare expenses. Before we move on the many Benefits of Exercises -Let us first understand the most common excuses cited by people for not exercising!

Top Excuses for Not Exercising!

Who doesn’t know the importance of exercising? It not only keeps you both physically and mentally fit. Exercising can work wonders for your body which no other activity can do. Despite knowing a to z about exercises why do we still tend to run away from them? Let us look at a few common exercise excuses that most of us come up with, to not to exercise.

No Time:

This probably is the most common excuse of them all. Often people are heard saying that they have no time at all. Well, this is the biggest lie that they are telling. A lie that they convinced their mind with. We all have the time. You can take out at least 20 minutes every day. Inculcate simple habits in your day to day life like not using the lift and using the stairs instead.

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No energy:

Some of us claim that after a hard day’s work there is no energy left in the body to exercise. Well, we exercise to push our bodies to new limits, to get it out of the comfort zone and make it fit and healthy. You will have to make that extra effort. Feeling tired and low on energy? Have an energy drink, but you must exercise.

Family Commitments

Many try and wriggle out by saying that they have family commitments and in that the number one cause being, having kids. An excuse often used by ladies this is a very sad one to use. You can always take out 15 to 20 minutes for exercise. Also, exercising doesn’t always mean going out. You can pick up a few exercises which can be done at home.


Some people feel doing the same form of exercise, again and again, can be boring. Well, yes, that can be true, but who says you have to do the same thing again and again? You must try different forms of exercises from time to time. The best is to pick up new sports.

Don’t like to stress my muscles: Some of us also can be blatant enough and claim that they hate stressing their muscles. Yes, you might hate it, but then not exercising makes your muscles lose and flabby. Which not only means, that you will look unhealthy, but will also be so from within.

No point:

Some say that they have tried following a regime in the past, but it did not work out. You must have a strong will and as they say where there is a way there is a will. You can try starting with giving 20 minutes every day and slowly increasing the time.

So Guys-No Exercise excuses-Just get going and be fit. Rest assured you will feel great once you. Get into the habit of exercising regularly and would be overjoyed when the results of Exercise start flowing in.


Here are Some of the Many Benefits of Exercise:

1. Exercising on a regular basis helps in reducing stress. Just thirty minutes of workout on a regular basis can help in living a stress-free life. It manages mental as well as physical stress.

2. Working out on a daily basis improves your self-confidence. If a person exercises daily, it would automatically elevate a person’s thought or let’s say the perception of their attractiveness.

3. It helps in alleviating anxiety and its prevention for many chronic diseases including Heart Diseases which has become quiet common these days.

How You are losing Money by not knowing the Many Benefits of Exercise

4. Regular physical activity boosts memory and increases the ability to learn many new things. It would help in increasing thinking capability a fit and healthy person is capable of thinking many new innovative ideas.

5. One of the most significant benefits of regular exercise is it helps in weight control, strengthening of bones, muscles, radiant and glowing skin.

6. Doing Exercise on a regular basis can help to Sleep Better

7. One More Benefits of Exercise is that it helps to develop the immunity system of the body. You become less susceptible to falling ill again and again and thus can help you live better and longer.

The cumulative effect of exercising is a Healthy Body and mind which helps in boosting the morale and self-esteem of an individual. People feel more energetic with increased Flexibility and enthusiasms levels and the willingness to do things. So shed all your inhibitions and apprehensions and get going to reap the Many Benefits of Exercise from today as tomorrow never comes.

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