11 Signs Your Glucose Is Out of Control

11 Signs Your Glucose Is Out of Control

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Glucose or blood sugar is one of the most commonly found diseases in humans all over the world. It happens to be such a component that is also required by us to be happily alive. But it takes hard work to keep it under the standard level, and in most cases, there is always a tendency that it gets higher every time.

Lack of proper routine, consumption of liquor, smoke and irregular diet are the main reasons behind such rise in the glucose level. There has to be a fine balance in the level of glucose in the human body. At the right level, one can have a strong immunity system, much less stress and most importantly, good sleep at night.

One should always do exercise on a regular basis and walk to keep the glucose level under control. A good diet is also very necessary. It is very common to have high body glucose level upon attaining mid-age, so one should also get it checked once in a while which enables them to act accordingly and maintain the lifestyle accordingly.

Although Test gives us correct results, there are also signs that the body gives which indicates that the Glucose or blood sugar levels have gone beyond the standard level.

1. The most common sign that the glucose level has risen is that one feels thirstier and more urination happens as a result. There is always a deficiency of water in the body which leads to feeling thirsty. The kidney starts passing on more sugar through the urine and makes the body inside which can result in dehydration.

2. Most of the patients diagnosed with high glucose level complain that they always feel hungry. It happens as the sugar is not able to enter the cells causing hunger in the body even just after eating.

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3. Excess urination also leads to drier mouth, and there arises the necessity to drink more fluids such as water and juice. A standard level of water intake becomes more important to avoid the body to dehydrate.

4. Fatigue and tiredness are also eminent signs of high blood sugar. One feels tired very soon as there is constant dehydration that goes on in the body. More amount of energy and fluid intake is very necessary to keep them fit and energetic.

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5.Changes of eye power. High level of glucose intake changes the eye power and makes it a bit difficult to see. Immediate consultation with the eye specialist becomes very necessary to protect the eye from further damage.

6. High level of glucose also makes the skin itchy and dry. The soft areas of the skin become dry due to dehydration. Lower leg and genital areas are most prone to such itchiness.

7. High level of blood sugar also causes sexual dysfunction. Already with age, the chances of sexual dysfunction increases and a high level of blood sugar make things worse. It develops various nervous and cardiovascular problems leading to such dysfunction.

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8. People with high blood sugar also take much more time to heal from cuts and bruises. The immunity power of the body falls rapidly, and the wounds take much more time than normal to heal.

9. Weight change is also a factor which is a common sign of the high glucose level. The sudden and fast decrease in weight happens in the case of such glucose level fluctuations. It may also happen that some people gain a lot of weight very quickly and find it difficult to lose the extra fat due to such high sugar levels.

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10. Numbness in hands and feet are also signs of high blood sugar. There happens a decrease in the feeling and a constant tingling feel. It occurs when the contact high blood sugar levels tend to damage your nervous system.

11. Patients with high blood sugar levels soon develop rashes all over the skin. Brown or black pigmentation forms start developing, and immediate consultation should be made with the doctors.

These are the signs of a high level of blood sugar or glucose. Anyone sign can be enough to make us concerned and immediate consultations with the doctor along with a controlled diet and regular workout become all the more important. Regular medicine and self-conscious efforts are crucial to staying fit and healthy for a long time.

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