Discover the Numerous Health Benefits of Onion Juice!

Discover the Numerous Health Benefits of Onion Juice!

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Euww it’s terrible smell! Can it have any health benefits? Yes, it does have many health benefits!We know this is the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about onion juice. You can have some mouth freshener after having onion juice to avoid it’s smell instead.You’ll forget about the bad smell after reading about these amazing health benefits of onion juice. .Did you know one can treat honey bite with onion juice? Ever been bitten by a honey bee?? You could have applied onion juice for immediate relief but you couldn’t because you didn’t know that, right?

Onion juice can also help if you are becoming an insomniac, you just need to drink a glass of onion juice, and it’s going to give you a peaceful sleep. Worried about pigmentation? Onion juice can help you with that too! Just mix some turmeric with onion juice and apply it all over your face. So, can we say onion juice is an all-rounder? Never mind the tears it brings on, just think about the amazing health benefits it possesses. Apart from these, there are many other numerous health benefits of onion juice that are going to leave you open-mouthed!

Simply Amazing Health Benefits Of Onion Juice

1.Prevention Of Oral Infection

Oral health is essential for all whether you are a child or adult. We keep hearing that most of the problems begin from the mouth but still how many of us take this seriously? Come on, be honest here. None of us! Oh, you do? Three claps for those who do! But honestly, most of us just hear and forget!Onion comes with bactericidal properties that prevent oral infection and tooth decay. Researchers have found that chewing a raw onion for about three minutes can kill all the germs in the mouth. Additionally, toothache is allayed by placing a piece of onion on the paining tooth. So, if you have any tooth related problem, do not forget to try onion juice to bring them back to good health.

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2.Protection Against Allergens

Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant present in onion which is known to help stave off a huge number of allergic reactions and chronic inflammatory conditions such as asthma. The quercetin present in onion is easily absorbed through the intestines and stays in the bloodstreams for a long time than the quercetin you get from other foods, protecting from many bothersome ailments.

Quercetin neutralises free radicals that cause cell damage as well as strengthens cells that release histamine in our body. Onion being a quercetin-rich food reduces the buildup plaque in arteries which is the primary cause of heart attacks and other life-threatening heart problems.

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3.Improved Digestion

Eating right food is very important, but proper digestion of the foods is even more critical. If you don’t digest what you eat, then you are not playing safe! Inulin, a dietary fibre present in onions is an excellent food source for the healthy bacteria in the intestines. Inulin promotes healthy and regular bowel movement as well as keeps the healthy bacteria at a safe level, thereby increasing the digestion.

A 2009 study revealed that nearly 60 to 70 million people were diagnosed with digestive disorders of some kind. Onions provide an excellent supply of inulin which keeps the appropriate amount of good bacteria at optimal levels and maintains a healthy digestive system.

4.Maintenance Of Bone Health
Surprised? Well, it is surprising but true that onions can help maintain a healthy bone system. Studies show that onions contain a compound that can prevent excessive bone loss. Women who go through menopause and are at a higher risk of osteoporosis should consume onions to keep their bone in good health.
5.Fights Cancer

Onions are made up of exceedingly different types of sulphides that help protect neoplasm growth. If you regularly consume onions, you can reduce the risk of many cancers like oesophagal cancer, prostate cancer, laryngeal cancer, breast cancer and renal cell cancer.

6.Reduces Glucose Levels

Studies suggest that a regular intake of onion juice can lower the blood sugar level. Chromium present in onions also improves the glucose tolerance and decreases the fasting sugar level.


7.Lowers the cholesterol Level

Research shows that regular intake of onion can help lower the cholesterol levels. Onion contains sulphur compounds, vitamin B complex and chromium that help stop cardiac arrest by reducing the homocysteine levels which is another potential task for cardiac stroke.

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Are you going to add some drops of onion juice into your daily diet? Well, ideally, you should!
These amazing health benefits of onion juice suggest that you should include them in your regular diet. We give more attention towards the smell and unfortunately neglect the enormous benefits of onion juice. We hope you liked reading the article, and you know what you have to do then! Do not forget to share. Stay healthy and keep reading.

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