Some of The Reasons for Hemiplegic Migraine

Some of The Reasons for Hemiplegic Migraine

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If one labels a migraine as a plain headache, they know absolutely nothing. Though it’s true that a migraine is a lopsided (read one-sided) a headache, it doesn’t come all at once. You get sensory warnings before being hit upon by a migraine. From the flash of lights to cold feet/arms, from nausea to seeing black spots in your line of vision- migraine is accompanied by many signs.

It is mainly common among the women, and a lot of people are affected by it. But still, medical researchers have failed to find the exact causes for it. But there are some triggers behind a migraine, which one should know.

What Causes Migraine 

1. Foods/ Alcohol

If you are allergic to certain foods like prawns, coconuts or chocolate- you must not eat them, even in small amounts. Food allergies can cause this; so the patient should be well aware- what causes allergies in the form of edibles. Alcohol consumption is another reason which can lead to migraines. Alcohol leads to dehydration in the body- thus causing a one-sided headache with warning signals.

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2. Menstruation

Menstrual cycles are the high times when a woman may encounter a migraine. It mainly happens to those who have abdominal pain while menstruating. Also, ovulation can bring upon as a side-effect. During menstruation, a woman’s body goes through hormonal tides, and they may result in daily headaches.

3. Ambience

Have you ever noticed how throbbing music in night club might cause a headache in you? For a migraine patient, the result can be manifold. Also, those of us who don’t suffer from a migraine, also tend to get blinded by bright lights at stadiums, music concerts or discos. So you can well understand that the effects on a patient will be more severe. Ambience plays a big role in triggering up this. Not only thumping noise or glowing lights, even if the people around the smell of strong perfumes or body odours- migraine can happen to a hapless victim.

4. Stress

Work pressures, personal crisis, lack of sleep are some of the reasons that cause stress on a human body. These are also instrumental in bringing into the picture. Even a healthy adult may suffer from stress-related burnout, so one can easily guess what will happen to a person who has the tendency to develop migraines if there is slight tension? If you are suffering from stress; exercise and proper sleep are two vital keys.

Apart from the above 4 points; lack of sleep, hormone replacement, smoking, empty stomach are some of the reasons behind a migraine. Awareness is the only solution here.Should you continue to suffer from migraine-related issues and need to consult a doctor in Delhi/NCR-Go ahead.

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