How To Stay Fit In The Summers ?

How To Stay Fit In The Summers ?

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With the summer months around, you are sure to feel tired and exhausted as the sweating drains out all the energy from the body and it is a big challenge to stay fit during these months. People who go out in the morning must take adequate measures to protect themselves from the scorching heat. It becomes unbearable to bear the heat as the mercury keeps on soaring high thus posing a difficulty in stepping out. But you cannot evade this as it is something natural. It is imperative that you follow the diet plan that will help you to stay healthy during the sultry summer months and do certain things that ensure a fit body and mind.


Do exercise in the morning to Stay Fit:

It is essential to keep your heart strong and healthy during the summer months. The best exercise you can do to stay fit is aerobic. You might hit the gym every morning to stay fit, but it is advisable to break the monotonous fitness regime and take an interest in outdoor activities like swimming, biking, and hiking. You will find them refreshing as well as make you feel revitalised. When you show interest in physical activities in the morning, make sure that you wear the right kind of clothes for exercising. Sleeveless jerseys are considered to be the best.


Eat the right food:

As the mercury rises, you must be aware of the food that you should include in your regular diet. You will experience a loss of appetite due to severe heat and temperature. Sweating leads to loss of calcium in the body. All you can do is, consume low-fat milk products such as cottage cheese and yoghurt. But make sure whatever you eat, never stop drinking adequate water as it will help your body to fight dryness which is a standard issue in the summer.

Stay hydrated:

The most important aspect in summer is to stay hydrated. It has been found that due to overexertion and excessive sweating, muscle cramps are a common problem among the people. You will experience this if you sweat out a lot and the liquid content in the body is low. The electrolyte level in your body will become low, thus leading to muscle cramps. Adding of electrolytes in water will help you to deal with the problem. Drink at least 50% more water than you usually take. To be precise, more you drink water and water-based liquid in the hot summer months, more you will stay fit.

Drinking Water

Take nutritional supplements:

If you want to increase your energy level as well as the activities during the summer, then intake of nutritional supplements will help you to achieve those. Vitamin B-complex calms the nervous system while vitamin C protects the body from stress. So look for the supplements that will give a boost to your energy. It is advisable that you include salads in your daily meals as it is very refreshing. Staying hydrated is a pre-requisite for the summer months. Whatever you do, eat and drink, give an adequate amount of fluid to your body.

Some Tricks to Beat the Summer Heat, without being affected:

• Drink plenty of water: Dehydration is the most common problem faced during the summers, and it can lead to health consequences. In summer, your body gets heated, and it starts sweating to make it cooler. So, to keep yourself hydrated and drink at least 3-4 litres water per day.

• Dress intelligently: The hot and humid weather of summer makes you feel sticky. That’s why you need to wear loose and airy clothes. It will let air movement next to your skin and help to evaporate the sweat. It is recommended to wear cotton clothes to feel comfortable.

• Make an artificial air conditioner: If the temperature of your room is hot, but not so humid, place a bowl of ice in front of your fan, and you can feel a soothing, cool air.

• Optimize the portable fan: At night you can feel that the room temperature is higher than the outside temperature. If you face the table fan outside rather than inside you will feel much more comfortable. The fan will drain out hot air outside and pull cold air inside.

• Eat healthily and light food: Summer makes your digestive system a little weaker. This is the reason why you should eat healthy and light food such as salads, vegetables, fruits whenever you go out in the Sun. They not only help you to digest well but also help you to keep yourself hydrated.

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• Use a wet sheet: When the air outside is hot but dry, you can hang a wet sheet in front of your window. The hot and dry air from outside will evaporate the water of that wet sheet and will make your room cooler.

• Block the Sun: If you close all the curtains of your room, your room temperature will fall to a certain extent. Thus, by pulling down all the curtains you can make your room up to 45 % cooler than outside.

• Cook outside: Summer is the best time to cook outside. Stovetops and oven can heat up your room. That’s why you should avoid cooking inside during summer. Just get a grill and prepare some delicious grilled food outside your room.

• Know the sensitive areas of your body: When you are exhausted with the extreme heat, you can apply this trick to get rid of exhaustion. If you wrap a wet towel around your neck and wrist, you feel that the cooling sensation will pass throughout your body.

So, follow these tricks and enjoy the summer!

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