Top 8 Foods We Eat At Wrong Hours that Harm Our Health

Top 8 Foods We Eat At Wrong Hours that Harm Our Health

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We all are aware of the fact that eating a healthy, balanced diet is required to maintain good health. And that is the sole reason that we eat healthy foods, loaded with all the essential minerals and vitamins that help us stay healthy and fit. But, did you know that eating some healthy foods at wrong hours can harm your health? It is best to eat foods at the right time to get all their nutritional benefits. Read on to discover the healthy foods we eat at the wrong hours that harm our health and also the best hours to eat these healthy foods.

Top 8 Foods We Eat at Wrong Hours

1. Milk

The health benefits of milk are known to everyone. Milk provides you with nutrients and proteins and is considered one of the healthiest drinks. Drinking a glass of milk daily helps in keeping your bones and teeth healthy, prevent bone diseases and gives you a good dose of vitamin D. However, drinking milk at the wrong time can take away all the benefits it has. According to experts, drinking milk during the day can make you feel tired because it takes a long time to digest.

Benefits of Organic Milk

What is the Best Time to Drink Milk?

Experts claim that the best time to drink milk is at night because it relaxes your body also allows the cells to absorb all the nutrients properly, while you rest.

2. Rice

Most people love rice, isn’t it? Many people cannot take their meal if it doesn’t include rice. There are many benefits of eating rice such as it provides energy, prevents obesity, controls blood pressure, prevents cancer, boosts metabolism and improves digestion system. But, eating this healthy food at the wrong time can be bad for your health. And rice is one of the foods we eat at wrong hours.

According to Dieticians, eating rice must be avoided at night because it is high in starch. Eating rice at night might make you feel bloated, and you may have trouble sleeping. Also, experts claim that eating rice at night makes you gain weight since it takes a long time to get digested.

Brown Rice

What is the Best Time to Eat Rice?

The best time to eat rice is during the daytime because our metabolic rate is higher during the day.

3. Curd

Curd is one of the healthiest foods we eat at wrong hours. Due to its so many health benefits, the curd is one of the most popular food items around the world. Eating curd improves digestion, boosts immunity, strengthens your teeth and bones, prevents obesity, releases stress and also improves your skin tone.  You must include curd to your diet to stay healthy.

Cucumber and Yogurt Salad

But, do not take it at night because when consumed at night, it induces heat in the body that can lead to acidity and other digestive disorders. Furthermore, it can also cause cold, cough and mucus formation.

What is the Best Time to Eat Curd?

The best time to eat curd is during the day as it improves the digestion system and also keeps the gut healthy.

4. Banana

Banana is a healthy fruit which improves digestion, keeps you energetic and also relieves heartburn. Experts claim that one should avoid eating this healthy fruit at night because it may result in cold and cough and mucus formation. Also, it is not advisable to eat this fruit on an empty stomach because it can cause stomach disorders.

Banana Mask

What is the Best Time to Eat Bananas?

Eating a banana during the day can improve digestion and also help in maintaining your energy levels throughout the day. So, eat a banana during daytime and not at night.

5. Pulses and Beans

Beans and pulses are packed with fibre, and they help in improving digestion and reducing cholesterol levels. Also, they help us have a good night sleep. Hence, you should not consume fibrous foods such as sprouts, beans, lentils or pulses during the daytime because they may increase your appetite and cause you to eat more throughout the day.

What is the Best Time to Eat Pulses and Beans?

Pulses and beans are one of the foods we take at wrong hours. The best time to eat pulses and beans is during the night. When taken at night, these healthy foods aids digestion, lowers the cholesterol levels and also induces a good sleep.

6. Apple

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ This is a famous quote that we must have heard at least once in our lives.

Apple is rich in organic acid and increases the level of acidity in the stomach. Thus if it is eaten at night, it can cause acid reflux. Apple is one of the fruits we eat at wrong hours and hence, we must avoid eating apples at night.

What is the Best time to Eat an Apple?

Apple contains pectin, which is a rich source of fibre that helps in smoothening the bowel function, prevents constipation and eliminate carcinogens from the body. Hence, it is best to eat an apple during the day.

7. Sugar

Sugar is also one of the foods we eat at wrong hours. Food items containing sugar such as chocolates, cakes or creams should not be consumed during at night. It is because eating sugary foods during the night time can increase the body fat and make you obese.

Sugar Scrub

What is the Best Time to Eat Sugary Foods?

Ideally, sugar should be taken in the morning because during the daytime the body can burn more sugar all the day since we are more physically active.

8. Fruits

Fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, folic acid and fibre that helps in keeping us healthy and fit. But, experts say that one should not consume fruits at night.

What is the Best Time to Eat Fruits?

Experts claim that fruits should be consumed in the morning. It is because they are enriched with vitamins, minerals, fibre and folic acid that work together in keeping you feeling fresh and active throughout the day.

So, now that you know the best time to consume healthy foods, don’t make the same mistakes. Eat healthy and nutritious foods at the correct time and stay fit and healthy. After all, ‘The Greatest Wealth is Health.’

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