Tips for having Lifelong Healthy Teeth

Tips for having Lifelong Healthy Teeth

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A beautiful smile not only lights up a face, but it also lights up the entire surroundings. And to ensure a beautiful smile one should have healthy teeth. Although it sounds easy, taking care of teeth and overall oral hygiene is an onerous task. If you develop cavities or tooth decay, it might lead to serious complications later which can involve visits to the orthodontist and huge expenses. Here are a few vital tips that help you to whiten your teeth and to maintain them healthy and gum free.

1. Brush regularly at least twice a day for having a Healthy Teeth

This is the age-old method, but most probably the best. Brushing your teeth after each meal removes small food particles from the back of the teeth and thus protects from the formation of unwanted bacteria. Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles and round head for reaching the backside of the teeth.

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2. Select Toothpaste with Fluoride

Most people think that if their toothpaste produces a lot of foam, then they are very effective. This is a wrong notion. Fluoridated toothpaste is better because they help to reduce tooth decay and strengthen the tooth enamel.

3. Apply a Tongue Scraper

If the tongue is not cleaned, then the same disease-causing microbes will again damage your teeth. So clean your tongue regularly along with brushing your teeth.

4. Hydrate your teeth and gums daily

Rinsing the mouth with water on a regular basis goes a long way in saving your teeth.Oral irrigation helps to remove food particles trapped between the teeth which decay and give rise to bad breath and cavities. Use a proper antimicrobial liquid to clean your gum line and teeth.

5. Floss regularly

If you want to flash that million-dollar smile, then floss with a gentle motion.For more effective results, rinse with a ‘tarter dissolver’ which will slowly remove the hardened plaque that forms on the teeth and the gum line.


6. Control intake of soft drinks, fruit juices and cordials

Acidic drinks tend to soften the hard covering of teeth and dissolve the minerals present in tooth enamel, causing cavities and decay. Avoid such drinks to save your teeth.

7. Visit your dentist regularly

This is of prime importance, although we avoid doing so unless we suffer from a toothache or any other discomfort like extraction of a painful wisdom tooth, some gum bleeding or other problems.If you keep your date with your dental hygienist on a regular basis, it is guaranteed that your teeth and gum related problems will be at bay.

Dental Care Tips for Healthy and Glowing Teeth

8. Save your teeth from accidents or injury

If you are into physical sports, and then wear a mouth guard or a helmet while playing. This will go a long way in protecting your mouth.

9. Use your teeth for mastication and chewing purpose only

Do not use your teeth to remove bottle caps, crack nuts, or tear open packaging. They can result in chipping and even breaking your teeth.

10. Source proper nutrients

Food rich in Vitamin C, Calcium, and Phosphorus should be taken in the right proportions to maintain oral hygiene and prevent tooth decay. Stay away from food rich in sugar, because the bacteria in the dental plaque transforms this sugar into acids which make the teeth yellow, stained and eventually lead to a major oral problem.

Take care of your teeth today, so that they take care of your proper digestion and healthier tomorrow. Your attention to overall oral health and hygiene can pave the path for your radiant smile in the years to come on a Healthy Teeth

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