Which are the Foods Heart Specialists Tell Everyone to Avoid ?

Which are the Foods Heart Specialists Tell Everyone to Avoid ?

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“I am too young to have a heart attack” is a common misconception among young adults. But the reality is different. Even teenagers and young adults are getting inflicted with heart disease these days. What is the reason for everyone getting sick and developing conditions like heart disease at a young age? We can blame our lifestyle obviously. How many people do you see around you waking up early morning going for a jog? Hardly anyone! How many young adults avoid junk food and go for healthy homemade food? Again- Hardly anyone! The choices that we make in life affect our health to a great extent. What you eat directly affects your health and who better than a doctor can tell you what to eat to prevent heart disease. Here we have enlisted the top 8 foods heart specialists tell everyone to avoid.

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Top Foods Heart Specialists Tell Everyone to Avoid

1. White Bread

White bread, white pasta, and white rice are all starches that cardiologists themselves avoid and tells their patient not to eat. The reason why cardiologists ask people to avoid white bread is that it just turns into sugar and have fewer nutrients as compared to brown bread. Doctors say people should go for whole grain bread and pasta, because they help to regulate blood sugar levels, and are also rich in fibre. Also, whole grain bread helps you feel full for longer and promote satiety.

2. Potato Chips

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Who doesn’t like to fill their mouths with potato chips on a weekend while watching their favourite movie? No matter how much we enjoy munching on potato chips, we must remember that they are not good for our health.

Heart specialists say these snacks contain trans-fats, carbs, and sodium which harms our health. According to various medical studies, people who consume more than 2,000 milligrams of sodium each day account for one in ten cardiovascular deaths.

So next time you want to grab a bowl of buttered popcorn while binge-watching Netflix, think twice. You can go for healthier options like baked chips, or lightly salted popcorn because that will help you keep your health in a good condition.

3. Energy Drinks

Whenever we feel lethargic, we buy an energy drink thinking its gonna boost our energy in a blink of an eye. And that it does obviously, but besides providing instant energy, it may also induce problems like high blood pressure or arrhythmia.

Energy drinks contain added sugar and a high amount of caffeine that may trigger health problems. Now that doesn’t mean you should skip caffeine altogether because taking a cup of tea or coffee in moderation every day is healthy.

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Just watch what you drink: A cup of black coffee can keep your heart healthy, but adding sugar, whipped cream, caramel, and other toppings can take away all the goodness of that delicious cup of black coffee. If you want to feel energetic, you can opt for a natural energy drink like a protein smoothie or a lemonade.

4. Added Salt

Salt is good for health if taken in a moderate amount. But if we start taking too much salt, we create problems for our heart. Added salt is present in products that you may not even realise: cereal, chicken breast, junk food, a pickle, and so on.

Read the labels while buying a product to be aware of how much sodium you are consuming. Salt is a necessity of life, but too much of it can raise blood pressure and put you at risk of heart disease. Hence added salt is one of the top foods heart specialists tell everyone to avoid.

5. Processed Meats

Many people love hot dogs and sausages. But these products contain tons of saturated fats and have been linked to heart failure and cancer. Processed meat refers to meats that have been salted, fermented, smoked, or cured to improve its shelf life.

These foods are convenient and quick, but the sodium and chemicals used in processed foods are harmful to our hearts. This is again one of the harmful foods heart specialists tell everyone to avoid.

Avoid these foods to keep your heart healthy, and exercise on a regular basis to stay healthy and fit. Also, go for a health checkup at least once a year to keep diseases at bay.

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