Why you should get Tested for Diabetes ?

Why you should get Tested for Diabetes ?

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Diabetes is one of the most prevalent conditions found in People around the world and has been growing at a steady pace. The irony is that People might be having it but are still not aware of the fact that they suffer from this disease till the time the symptoms become very pronounced and visible.

Diabetes can affect the normal functioning of the body organs and can have a detrimental effect on our Health and as such in view of the increased risk of having Diabetes-it becomes all the more important to get tested for Diabetes at an early stage to offset its negative impact and to control the effects if you already have it!


If you happen to experience any of the below-mentioned symptoms:

-Increased Thirst

-Frequent Urination

-Unexplained Weight Loss

-Feel Tired 

-Increased Hunger

-Experience Blurry Vision

-Have numb or tingling hands or feet.

-Have Very Dry Skin

Then the chances on the higher side are that you might be suffering from Diabetes:

10 Harmful Effects of Diabetes on the Body

The Most Common Test to Confirm Diabetes is 

1.Glucose Fasting Test

The Glucose Fasting Test is the easiest way of confirming Diabetes. It is done on an empty stomach after about 10-12 hours of Fasting. The Normal Range for a Person is 70.0 – 110.0 mg/dL.

The higher the levels of Sugar, More the chances of Having Diabetes. However, a range of up to 125 can be considered as Borderline Diabetes or Pre Diabetes.

If the levels stay above these levels -it means that you are suffering from Diabetes.

2.HbA1c Test

This Test checks for Sugar Level over a period of 3 months and is regarded as a more accurate way of checking Diabetes.HbA1c Level of Under 6 is regarded as normal and anything above 6 is not considered good. A level of over 6.5 can indicate Diabetes.

So once you hit 30’s -You should make it a point to get yourself checked for diabetes as it is increasingly being found in young people these days because of several reasons especially Lifestyle-related issues. As the saying goes-Prevention is better than cure-So Get a Health Checkup done right away from the comfort of your home.

Preventive Health Checkup

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