Papaya Fruit can be used Effectively to Fight Dengue

Papaya Fruit can be used Effectively to Fight Dengue

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Papaya Fruit has many benefits and is available during most of the year. It has a sweet taste and has been known to be excellent for the digestive system in particular. It is rich in vitamin and mineral contents and therefore has all the qualities to be included in a healthy diet.

Benefits of Eating Papaya Fruit

1. Heart Diseases

It is rich in potassium, fibre and vitamins. They all help in reducing the risk of heart diseases.

2. Digestion

It contains an enzyme called papain which is widely believed to help in digestion. Papaya has high fibre and water content both of which help in reducing constipation.

Papaya health benefits

3. Diabetes

It is rich in fibre. Those with a high intake of fibre in their diet have lower levels of blood sugar levels. It, therefore, helps in either preventing diabetes or lowering the same.

4. Healing

It helps in faster healing. Mashed papaya can be used for faster healing of wounds and burns.

5. Hair

It is considered great for Hair because it is high in vitamin A contents.

6. Asthma

People with high intake of certain nutrients are less likely to have asthma. One of such nutrient beta-carotene is present in papaya.

Papaya Leaf can help fight Dengue

It is a known fact that the enzymes in the papaya leaf can help fight viral infections but what is not known is that Papaya can be used very effectively in fighting dengue. The juice might not sound great to the taste buds but has undoubtedly helped a lot of patients to recover from dengue fast.

It is believed that Chymopapin and papin –-enzymes in the papaya leaf not only helps in arresting the fall of platelets in dengue but can also help regenerate platelets and white blood cells and thus can be a life-saving proposition.

The best part is that papaya leaf juice can be easily prepared at home without any hassles. The process of making the juice is rather simple-Just take leaves of the papaya tree. Wash it properly. Once done with the thorough washing-You need to grind the leaves properly and squeeze the juice out from the leaves into a utensil.

Drink one glass or two glasses of the juice every day for a minimum of 4 days preferably empty stomach for best results and keep in mind that it is not the papaya pulp juice which you need to have but the juice of papaya tree only.

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