Five questions that you must ask your Dentist

Five questions that you must ask your Dentist

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We avoid going to a dentist, but it is important to ask your dentist about possible issues that might come up if neglected today as Dental Issues or Oral problem is an age-old problem relating to all the age groups. Teeth add on to one’s beauty and a smile without teeth is like a flower vase without flowers.

As a parent, we are always worried about our child’s continuous habit of munching chocolates, chips or cookies that might cause toothaches and cavities? Bleeding gums, losing teeth at an early age, chronic foul breath is some common oral disorders that many of us face but have a tendency to neglect it.

When you think about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to look after your oral health too, and none other than a Dentist can help you in this aspect. As you share and discuss your health issues with a doctor, similarly you need to discuss your dental issues with your dentist. Keeping your probable problems in mind, here is a list of five essential questions that you must ask your dentist to keep a better check on your oral health.

1. How can I improve my oral health?

Maintaining oral health is much more than just brushing after every meal and regular flossing. On asking your dentist about measures you can follow to improve oral health, he may suggest you medicated mouth refresher to be used in flossing, whether you need to change your toothbrush and toothpaste, or should you increase or decrease your fluoride intake. It is also advisable to take the suggestion of your dentist before using a newly launched dental product.

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2. How can you help me to improve my dental health?

Always ensure that you disclose all your dental problems to the dentist so that he or she can provide you with the best medication possible to improve your dental health because your dentist is not a mind reader to analyse your problems on his own. Be it a treatment for bad breath or getting the best guard against the teeth grinding- a dentist has a solution for all.

3. What is your recommendation for prevention of oral problems?

Keeping in mind the growing rate of oral problems like cavities, gums bleeding, etc, ask your dentist to recommend you preventive measures to avoid these problems with the application of gum treatment, enhanced medicated toothpaste and toothbrush, dental appliances and improved diet recommendations.


4. Any information you need to know from the family doctor?

It’s necessary to inform your dentist about your overall health status. Sometimes oral complications may result from medicines that you take to cure any of your health issues. Considering a child’s dental health, it is said that a child makes his or her first dental visit at the age of one year. Take advice from your dentist to improve the nutrition of your child benefitting his oral health. Children pass their teeth developing stage from the age of one to eight. As a caring and responsible parent, it is your duty to get the best precautions and treatments for your child.

5. Ask your Dentist about the overall dental health status?

You can ask your dentist to go in for a routine exam in the mouth area having any lumps or growing bone density that is quite unusual, especially if there is a concern for osteoporosis or teeth grinding. In the case of cavities, it’s better to go for a tooth filling.
A clear discussion about all the problems with your dentist can help you to get a perfect solution for improving your oral health and ensure a healthy smile. So, start early and maintain your pearly whites for a relatively longer period not just for yourself but for the entire family.

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