Why You Should not wear Lenses while Sleeping !

Why You Should not wear Lenses while Sleeping !

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So you slept without removing your contact lenses? Even though eye doctors warn against sleeping with contact lenses, it remains as one of the most common habits that teenagers and adults who use contact lenses tend to repeat again and again. This is because they underestimate the dangers of sleeping in lenses. In this article, we are going to talk about the harmful effects of sleeping with Contact Lenses on. Read it very carefully, if you wear them.

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Here are Risks involved in sleeping with your contact lenses

1. Hypoxia

Just like other parts of our body, our eyes need oxygen to function as well. It is like sleeping with a plastic bag on your face if you sleep with your contact lenses. Our cornea does not have its blood supply; it takes oxygen from tears and open air. Wearing contact lenses, in general, can cut off the oxygen supply getting into the cornea. Wearing contact lenses while eyelids are closed directly cuts off the oxygen supply and leads to hypoxia.
One of the risks involved in the formation of new vessels which may not seem threatening, but it can cause loss of vision, retinal dysfunction etc.

2. Blindness

Keratitis, infection of the cornea, is the most common type of disease related to contact lenses. If left untreated it can cause a minor loss of vision, and there might be a need for cornea transplant and even permanent blindness. Contact lens wearers can minimise the infection by safe handling, cleaning and storing the well.

What you need to Know about Contact Lenses

3. Corneal Ulcers

If the keratitis develops, it can cause a corneal ulcer. It starts to get eaten away and eroded by microorganisms. This can permanently affect the vision. Contact lenses can damage the cornea in many ways, and therefore proper care must be taken to avoid any complications.

4. Parasitic infections

Those who wear lenses are at high risk of eye diseases. A shortage of oxygen can destroy the epithelial tissue, and this creates tiny wounds in which bacteria can easily infect, spreading into the rest of the eye as it provides these microbes with a perfect ground for breeding. It is better to use one-time lenses and throw them after using them once.

5. Other brutal side effects of sleeping in contact lenses are;

• Eye pain
• Blurred vision
• Photophobia (light sensitivity)
• Red eye
• Irritated eyes
• Excessive tearing

If you feel any of the symptoms mentioned above are occurring in your eyes, it is better to consult an eye doctor as soon as possible and not delay it. A doctor can further advise on how to treat the issue depending on the condition of your eyes. See an optometrist for regular eye check-ups. Use your contact lenses according to the period allowed only not beyond that. Handle the contact lenses with good hygiene and disinfect them regularly. And most importantly taking off your contact lenses before going to bed. It is better to take precaution now, than losing sight permanently.

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