Teach your Children Swimming this Summer to beat the heat

Teach your Children Swimming this Summer to beat the heat

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In the present scenario, it is crucial to teach the kids to swim at a professional training place. Swimming is an art which should be taught to the children as early as possible. It helps children become more positive, get over water phobia and most importantly it is a great exercise for them. And above all, it could be a life-saving proposition at times in an unforeseen situation. Proper safety and precautionary measures must be taken while learning to swim.

Few Tips for kids to learn Swimming this Summer:

• There is no age to learn swimming, but Ideally, a child should learn swimming at or around 3-4 years of age. Parents must be with the child to make them feel comfortable and safe so as to be able to learn swimming freely.

• Safety measures should always be prevalent at the place of swimming to deal with unforeseen situations or emergency. The pool must be guarded efficiently by trainers so that the rescue act can be carried out without a fraction of delay.

• As it is known that kids will never learn such things in which they don’t find interest, so one has to make swimming pleasant for the kids. Then only they will enjoy learning swimming.

Swimming lesson

• Once the kids find the interest and start swimming, the parents must remember that their child should wear a swimsuit, life jacket, glasses and headgear for protection as it is quite possible to have infections from the pool water. Staying in water for a longer time can also cause damage to the skin so moisturiser or cream should be put before and after swimming and not to forget shower before and after the swim is equally important. So parents must maintain safety for their kids. Beside this, parents must check whether the pool gate is safely locked or not. They should never leave the child alone near the pool.

• The basics of Swimming include breathing, floating and kicking. It all begins with proper breathing. The child should be able to learn how to exhale when inside the water and how to inhale after coming up. After the child is done with that then other aspects like floating and kicking come into play. Once the child is through with the basics, then the child should be allowed to swim in the proper pool with constant trainer supervision. At no point, the child should be allowed to swim all alone without a trainer or parental supervision.

• A child must learn water safety as well as water skill. Pool hygiene should always be followed.

• Always remember that there are more chances of a good swimmer drowning rather than someone who can’t swim because of the simple reason that those who know how to swim tend to become overconfident and try to take undue risks which could prove fatal at times.

• Swimming requires lots of energy so make your children fit and active. Provide them with proper food and water just after their lesson.

• After completion of swimming lessons ensure that their body is dried properly. Water in the ear or beside ear can cause infection. So clean them properly.

• Some children learn very fast while some take some time to learn the art of swimming. Praise and try to encourage them so that they should not lose their hope. Always remember that learning is a process and can take some time so just be patient. The kid will master the art given some time so stay positive. This will give confidence to the child or else they would lose their confidence and would never be able to learn swimming.

• Kids learn by playing. So swimming should also be a fun game, for the young ones to keep them engaged in the same. Learning should be made easier to make the kids understand it quickly. The more positive behaviour they get from the parents, the more positively they will respond.

Thus teaching kids to swim is a responsibility as well as an entertaining game for both the kids and the parents so just go out and enjoy-It will be great fun.

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