What your Kids are Watching on the Television

What your Kids are Watching on the Television

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Television and TV programming have increasingly become smarter and interactive during the last few years due to the influence of revolutionary information technology which helped television get rid of the so-called title of the idiot box. But are you aware of the fact that intelligent TV programming can, in turn, have a very negative impact on your kids if you (parents) let them watch whatever they want to?

Most of the kids nowadays are excessively prone to cartoon channels and their characters and they are so enthralled by those cartoon characters that they start trying to adapt all the dispositions of those cartoon creatures in the behavioural activities of their daily life and begin to behave in the same manner as they watch them on the TV. Here are some tricks and tips to manage and monitor TV programs so that your kids do not overdose of animated characters and characteristics.


When children watch excessive TV programs, they get less time for active and creative things. If you think that your kids are always stuck to the TV throughout the day and night, then you need to be very careful to divert their attention from the TV.

It would be tough to divert the mind of the children from TV if you are thinking to do it without planning. Imposing a complete ban on TV watching at home is by no means a perfect solution.

Steps which will help your children get rid of excessive Television Watching Habit

1. Put a time limit

Never put a ban on your kids to watch TV; instead, set a time limit so that your kids are not always stuck to the television.

2. Inspire them not to watch series programs

Children are more inclined to the series based TV programs, and these programs raise a curiosity in their mind, and they feel impatient until they watch the next episode. It causes a disturbance in their mind. Motivate them to watch content based on informative TV programs.

3. Divert their attention

Hide the TV remote and sit and share with your kids and make them take part in daily undertakings of your life and entertaining extracurricular activities. Bring some interactive playing tools for your children to divert their mind from the television. Try to animate yourself and mimic before your kids to make them laugh and tell them funny stories or make them recite poems.

4. Choose kids friendly TV programs

Numerous TV channels are available today, but you should be very attentive while choosing satellite TV packages for your home. Choose a package which has kid-friendly programs. Avoid those channels which serve programs with excessive violence and adult content which are not worth watching for your kids.

5. Don’t force your kids to keep away from the TV

It will never be a good policy to force your kids to stay away from the television. They might do it out of fear or when parents are away but will get all the more tempted to watch TV. It is the prime duty of parents to suggest and motivate their kids to watch those programs which ought to be watched.

6. Be a role model for your kids

Don’t turn the TV on for the sake of your entertainment when your children are carrying out their school assignments or homework. You should always keep in your mind that your children will follow what you will do.

7. Use child lock

Always use child lock on the TV and set those channels and programs locked which are not worth watching for your kids.

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