High intensity workout better for Teens

High intensity workout better for Teens

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High-intensity exercise, even for two minutes four times a day improves health outcomes in adolescents, says a study.The high-intensity exercise is effective in improving blood sugar levels, fat metabolism and blood pressure in adolescents.While moderate-intensity exercise at the same time does not yield same benefits, the study said.

“Children and adolescents tend to perform brief bouts of exercise. This study shows that the intensity of this pattern of exercise is important, with high-intensity providing superior health benefits than moderate-intensity exercise,” said Alan Barker at the University of Exeter.

For the study, blood sugar, blood pressure and fat metabolism of adolescents were measured at regular intervals over eight hours.

During this period the participants were asked to perform four bouts of high or moderate-intensity exercise.

They performed the same amount of work during the high and moderate-intensity exercise bouts.

The intensity of exercise is important for health in adolescents when the exercise is accumulated during the day, researchers concluded.

Source – IANS