Study Reveals Diabetics can be more prone to Lung Disease

Study Reveals Diabetics can be more prone to Lung Disease

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According to a recent Study published in the Journal Respiration, it has been found that People with Type-2 Diabetes may be at more risk of developing Restrictive Lung Disease (RLD) characterized by breathlessness, than non-diabetic patients. The lead author Stefan Koph from the University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany says that “Increased breathlessness, interstitial lung anomalies and RLD can be associated with Type-2 diabetes. It is therefore suspected that Lung Disease is a late consequence of Type-2 Diabetes as per Peter P Nawroth, Professor at the University

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The study also revealed that RLD is associated with albuminuria — a condition where urinary albumin levels are elevated. This may indicate that lung disease and kidney disease may be associated with nephropathy — diabetic kidney disease.

After analysis of data with patients across several stages of diabetes Restrictive Lung Disease (RLD) was found in 27 % of patients with long-term Type-2 diabetes, 20 %t in patients with newly diagnosed diabetes, and 9% in patients with pre-diabetes.

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Further, patients with pronounced symptoms and RLD also showed CT-morphologically, a fibrosating interstitial lung disease. Diabetics also had increased pulmonary fibrosis — a condition where the air sac in the lung becomes stiff and scarred.

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