World Environment Day-June 05th

World Environment Day-June 05th

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With Each Passing Day-Environment is becoming a Major Issue which can very well affect the well being of People all over the world and even impact their economic development. This is precisely the reason why The United Nations has designated June 5th as the World Environment Day

Celebrating the day provides an opportunity and the realisation to individuals that it is not only a responsibility but very much in the interest of the society as well to take upon the responsibility in persevering and enhancing the environment. World Environment Day was first celebrated in the year 1974 and since then it has grown to become a platform for global outreach with increasing public and Government participation and is widely celebrated across more than 100 countries. If we want a sustainable World than we need to ensure and beat Pollution.
be it in any form-Air, Water or others.

Air Pollution

What Causes Air Pollution?

Before discussing Pollution it is important to understand as to what causes pollution and Understand the various types of pollution, and how it can affect our health and environment and what steps can be taken towards improving the air around us.
Very Often we can’t even see it, but air pollution is everywhere but that fact of the matter is that we just can’t stop breathing, but we can definitely do something about the quality of our air around us.
Majority of the people across the world are exposed to levels of air pollutants that even exceed the safe levels as set by the World Health Organization.

Causes of Air pollution: Household, Industry, Transport, Agriculture, Waste


The main source of household air pollution is the Burning of wood, fossil fuels and other biomass-based fuels that are used to cook, heat and light up homes. This results in the premature deaths of around 3.8 million people around the world majorly in the developing countries where people depend upon such sources for cooking.


Coal Based Power Plants along with Diesel Generators are a major source of pollution in a lot of countries. The Factory Chimneys too pollute the air badly. Coupled with the excretion of Toxic By-Products of the Factory contaminate the air badly.

Air Pollution


The global Transport Sector is another major culprit and it more or less can be held accountable for one-fourth of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions and this proportion is rising continuously. These emissions have been linked to nearly 400,000 premature deaths.


The two major sources of air pollution from agriculture
-Livestock produces methane and ammonia-which are major sources of air pollution
-Burning of agricultural waste.
Burning of Agricultural waste contributes approximately 24 per cent of all greenhouse gases emitted worldwide come from agriculture, forestry and other land-use.


Waste burning in the Open and organic waste in landfills release harmful dioxins, furans, methane, and black carbon into the atmosphere. It is estimated that Globally, an estimated 40 per cent of waste is burned openly

Other Sources

Sand and dust storms, Volcanic eruptions, etc are other natural processes that can escalate air pollution problems.

Why Do We Have International Days?

The Reason for designating Internationa Days marks as an occasion to educate the general public about the issues concerning Mankind and to mobilize political will and resources to address these problems and tackle them effectively and efficiently.

So on this Day take a Pledge to make the surrounding Clean and Green. Don’t wait for tomorrow-It Maybe too late. Start today and help protect your Environment-Stay Healthy, Stay Happy and ensure the same for the generations to come.

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