This new online calculator will help predict heart disease risk early

This new online calculator will help predict heart disease risk early

25-07-2018   |   Posted By: Chhavi   |   1099 View(s)

A new online calculator has been created by scientists which they say could help people predict the risk of heart disease, and also estimate their heart age. This health calculator, described in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, accounts for socio-demographic factors such as a sense of belonging and education, ethnicity, and health status and lifestyle behaviours. This is a great discovery which will help predict heart disease risk at an early stage.


The health calculator allows individuals to predict their risk of hospitalisation or death accurately from cardiovascular disease within the next 5 years. Apart from this, the calculator also provides heart age, an easy-to-understand measure of heart health. Unlike other risk prediction tools, the CVDPoRt considers a variety of factors, such as environmental influences like air pollution, sociodemographic status, health behaviours, health conditions and more.

Scientists believe this tool can help people – and their care team – with better knowledge about healthy living and options for reducing their risk of heart disease.

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