Body Detoxification for Glowing Skin !

Body Detoxification for Glowing Skin !

24-07-2015   |   Posted By: Vivek Singh   |   2435 View(s)

With a super-paced lifestyle, it is very difficult to maintain a healthy diet and sleep pattern. Under the pressure of lifestyle stress, many take up unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking. This makes our body the storehouse of toxins which reflects on our skin. Acne, dark spots, dark circles and wrinkles tend to show how stressed our body is. To remove the signs of stress, we need Body detoxification to detoxify our body at least once in a while if not regularly. To detoxify it is important to refrain from any stress and unhealthy lifestyle including diet, as the process is meant to detox the body and mind both.


1. Quit the morning Coffee.

Switch to green tea instead. Excessive coffee increases the state of stress and also ends up causing skin eruptions and lack of sleep, making you look more stressed than you are. Green tea, on the other hand, contains loads of antioxidants that fight free radicals and make you appear youthful without compromising on your body and skin’s health.


2. Opt for Exercise.

Exercising helps you sweat it out and give out all the toxins in your body. It improves blood circulation and gives your skin an inner glow. Exercising also keeps your body toned and helps you have a fit body. If you are not a gym-enthusiast, you can practice yoga at home. It is the less aggressive and more peaceful approach towards fitness.

3. Refresh your Diet with all Green menus.

Eat loads of fresh fruits and vegetables. Stay away from unhealthy food like junk food, aerated drinks and alcohol. Fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with fibre and nutrients which cleanse your system and nourish you to give a clear skin.

4. Drink loads of water.

Water is the Holy Grail to clear skin. Drink at least ten glasses of water every day to cleanse your system and glow from within. Water helps your body get nourished and helps in proper digestion of food. Due to its cleansing abilities, water is considered the best detox.

5. Massage your Skin for Body Detoxification.

Massaging helps in promoting lymphatic drainage. This removes toxins from the skin and any excessive unhealthy fluid that makes you look puffy. Massaging also improves blood circulation and gives you a glow.

6. Give up Alcohol and Smoke.

Alcohol and cigarettes are the primary sources of toxins. They cause break-outs, make you look saggy and cause premature ageing. Even hanging out with smokers makes you prone to the ageing effects of the smoke. Alcohol damages the liver due to its toxic properties. Such a deadly source of toxins should be entirely removed from your lifestyle for you to look beautiful from within.

Following the above tips will help anyone in achieving clear and glowing skin. If your body is free from toxins, the skin will not show up any irritation. Body detoxification requires patience and self-control and is a painless and safer way to clear skin over painful surgeries and skin treatments.

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