How to prevent Decolouration of your nail ?

How to prevent Decolouration of your nail ?

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Femininity and beauty both go hand in hand. We tend to take care of our entire body but unfortunately, pay little attention to nourishing our nails. A healthy diet and lifestyle is the key to gracefulness. One must intake 8-10 glasses of water, include fresh fruits and vegetables to be a healthier being. Trimming of the nails at regular intervals prevents the nails from tacking. It is necessary to cut down long nails because it helps to resist bacteria and can also help to avoid decolouration of your nail.


Why does it happen?

Nail discolouration usually occurs due to fungal infections which are found in the environment -soil, air, and dust. The most common fungi are ‘Trichophyton rub’. The nails may turn their colour to greenish, red, dark purple, blue or black. There are several reasons for nail discolouration, and some are even serious and dangerous than the others, and the most important is subungual melanoma. Medical problems such as diabetes, malnutrition, and iron deficiency can also cause discolouration. Other causes of discoloured nails include smoking, yellow nail syndrome and excessive use of nail paints. The constant colouring of the nails deprives the supply of oxygen required by the nails and discolours the nail plates.

NailsHow to prevent Decolouration of

Nourish them properly to avoid decolouration of your nail:

Protecting the nails from the sun, exfoliating, applying moisturisers should be kept in mind to keep the nails perfect thus giving nourishment to the nails. Even the application of aloe vera gel before going to bed act as a plus point not only to take care of the nails but also for smooth hands and feet. One must apply a base coat and a top coat for the nails so that it should not turn into a yellow colour. Use of excessive detergents may also lead to discolouration, and it becomes dry and chappy. One must use gloves while washing clothes, utensils, cutting vegetables.

Taking care of your Fingernails

A manicure whether it be from a professional or at home once in a month is indispensable. Even while choosing a nail polish remover one should choose an acetone-free one. One can squeeze a lemon and apply on the nails to prevent the yellow colour. Just like toothpaste is used to whiten our teeth, it also acts as a wonder for whitening the nails. Putting the nails in vinegar, mildly acidic may help to change the yellowish colour.

While wearing shoes especially during monsoon, one can apply talcum powder to prevent fungal infection and also bad odour. Washing the hands with hand sanitizer can impede the infection from the feet to the hands. Even massaging tea tree oil, or medicated vapour rub or use of baking soda, denture tablets, a light buffing and mouth wash like Listerine help in brightening the nails.

Surely if you follow the above tips you can surely prevent decolouration of your nail and enhance your looks and personality.

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