What are the Causes of Split Ends?

What are the Causes of Split Ends?

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Split ends can turn into a nightmare for any woman. When you see split ends, you know you have to visit a Salon to get a haircut. However, you must know that dry, frizzy hair is not to be mistaken as split ends.

What are Split Ends?

Split ends, also known as trichoptilosis are the splitting or fraying of the hair shaft which occurs due to various reasons. Split ends are considered as a type of hair damage that generally begins near the ends of the hair shaft. But, it does not mean that splitting of hair cannot occur anywhere else; you can also have split ends in the middle of a hair strand.

What are the factors that lead to Split Ends?

1.Too much use of heat appliances

Heat application in an excess amount is one of the major causes of split ends. If you use too much of heating instruments such as curlers, hair irons and dryers for styling your hair, then it will cause split ends. Thus, limit the use of these appliances to dry or style your hair, instead, let your hair dry naturally after washing and wear hairstyles that can be made without heating.

These heat appliances give your hair the shape you desire, but they take away all the natural moisture out of hair follicles, making your locks dry and brittle which results in split ends.



2.Excessive use of shampoos

One of the primary causes of split ends is the excessive or wrong use of shampoo. Therefore you should use mild shampoos suited to your hair type. Also, make sure that while washing your hair, you do not apply too much shampoo to your hair. If you use too much shampoo or use the wrong one, then it can make your hair dry, rough and brittle leading to split ends.

3.Improper Brushing

Brushing improperly, especially when the hair is wet can cause splitting of hair. When the hair is tangled, then you should try to detangle your hair with your fingers carefully and then use a brush or a comb. Another technique of brushing hair properly is by starting combing from the ends and then roots. Also, use a conditioner after doing shampoo to make your hair look soft and smooth.

Hair Damage

4.Heat of the Sun

When we go out in the sun, the harmful sun rays make the hair dry and weak, resulting in split ends. Thus, avoid stepping out during the hottest time of the day. But, if you have to go outside, then make sure to cover your head properly with a scarf or a hat to protect your hair from harmful sun rays which can damage your hair.


Sometimes, genetics can also be one of the causes of split ends. There is a condition known as trichorrhexis nodosa which make your hair shaft grow thicker or weaker than usual which makes the hair to break easier and causes split ends.

How to avoid split ends?

These simple tips can help you avoid split ends:

    Limit the use of Heat Appliances

    Always use a conditioner after you shampoo your hair

    Do not apply too much hair products as they may contain harmful chemicals that cause split ends.

    Eat a balanced, nutritious diet

    Stay hydrated

    Detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb

    Protect your hair from the harsh weather

    Get a haircut every three months

Splitting of hair is a common hair damage problem and can be prevented by taking proper care of the hair. Visit a Beauty Salon regularly to get a trendy haircut and get rid of the split ends.

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