The Journey from Fat Belly to a Flat Belly

The Journey from Fat Belly to a Flat Belly

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Whether you want to flaunt your body during your the upcoming vacations to a beach or to plan to fit into that cute, red jeggings – flat belly is one of the elements in life that make us happy. Getting a flat belly is not an easy job -you need to shed tears, sweat, and blood (think about those scratches you will get while running). It takes a lot of sacrifices too (no more cupcakes to satiate your midnight hunger pang). But at the end of the day- it’s all worth it. Just imagine that you don’t need to Photoshop much- while uploading your recent photo wearing LBD in Facebook!


The 5 points below will give you a Head Start:

1. Curb down sugar and salt in your Diet:

Those pristine, white granules of sugar are your number one obstacles in having a flat belly. Avoid sugar as much as you can. Note down that replacing it with brown sugar won’t help much if you go for an uncontrollable limit. It’s said that for a healthy adult with no diabetic history- daily two teaspoons full of brown sugar is enough. The less you consume sugar, the lower your insulin rate will be and the more your body will produce glucagon which is instrumental in getting the flat belly.

Like sugar, salt is another foe for flat-belly aspirants. The sodium percentage of store-bought, white salt leads to bloating in your body after each meal. And it doesn’t bring good feeling about your tummy, right? Instead of that- start using kosher/sea salt.

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2. Go for Ball Exercise for a Flat Belly:

Go for ball exchange exercise for thrice a week with 10-12 cycles each time. The postures are very comfortable. Lie down on your back on the floor; keep a ball above your head. Then bring it down to your chest while trying to touch the ball with your folded knees. Position it in-between your ankles, drop the ball on the floor, and then repeat.


3. Eat-in every 2 hours

Dietitians worldwide prescribe that you need to divide your meals into six parts throughout the day and keep eating every 2 hours. The longer the gap becomes between your two meals, the more fat your mid-waist is going to store. Munch on healthy snacks like low-fat cheese, one apple or a handful of dry fruit in-between two major meals.

4. Practice slow chewing of foods for a Flat Belly:

Slowly chewing of food is directly related to a flat belly. Does it sound far-fetched? It’s not. Slowly eating means the food morsels become mashed inside your mouth thus leading to healthy digestion of them. If the morsels remain half-chewed, they will lead gas as well as bloat in your body.

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5. Control the portion of food:

Portion control is the masterstroke in the making of a taut, flat belly. Portion control doesn’t mean that you will have 1 pack of French fries instead of 2. It means that include whole-grain foods, veggies, mono-saturated fats in your diet and then watch- whether you are overfeeding yourself.

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