Portion control: Why and how to do it?

Portion control: Why and how to do it?

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Whether you have type 2 diabetes or suffering from obesity- portion control can keep you on track when it comes to consuming more-than-necessary carbohydrates and calories. If you are a newbie in the world of healthy and measured eating, then the following tips will enlighten you

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Don’t go hungry for more than 2-3 hours:

Plan to eat 4-5 times in a day in every 2-3 hours. That means you need to divide your meals into smaller sizes on a daily basis. Through this, you will never go hungry more than 2-3 hours, and that is the best you can do to your blood sugar level. Not only that, this is by far the most effective way to learn the ABC of portion control. The key to doing this effectively lies in keeping a food journal and writing down about everything you plan to eat the next day in advance.

Use smaller containers and crockery for Portion control:

Do you know what the secret behind Hollywood Diva Sandra Bullock’s killer body is? She eats with a teaspoon for better portion control! You can do that same if you are hell-bent on losing those extra kilos burdening your body for so long. For doing that, you need to invest in buying smaller plates or the portion control plates available in the market. If your nearest supermarket doesn’t store the latter, then try out the e-commerce space. Similarly, using teaspoons while eating rice will cut back on the extra carb, especially if you are consuming white rice.

Eat everything in half:

Maintaining a strict diet plan doesn’t mean that once in a while, you can’t indulge in sweets or fries. You just need to break your pastry into half and then give the other half to your best friend. If you are eating out alone in a restaurant, then ask the server to serve you half of the foods on the plate and parcel the other half as a takeaway. This practice may seem too weird initially to apply, but once you slowly get accustomed to it- you will certainly be in the loop. If it appears hard to follow while you are in your home, then first fill up yourself with salad or soup and then lay your hands on the actual lunch/dinner. In this way, you will automatically end up eating everything in half proportion.

Eat slowly and consciously:

Eating slowly and consciously is something which we all tend to bypass-whether it’s during lunch or at dinner. When you chew your foods, sense the taste of each ingredient separately and focus only on what’s going inside your body. Then only you will become super conscious about it and over-eating will stop automatically. So it’s highly recommended that you must not eat your dinner while sitting in front of a TV or your lunch while blabbering your heart out with your teammates. In both cases, being unmindful will lead to overstuffing yourself with additional foods which in turn will reflect on the weight scale.

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